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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #46 -- 2005
By George Filer
Nov 9, 2005, 15:32

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 Mars Methane May Be Biogenic Life

This Hubble image is the sharpest view of Mars ever taken from Earth – the Martian north pole is at the top, near the centre of the bright polar cap (Image: JPL)

New observations of the Martian atmosphere show no trace of sulphurous fumes and rules out active volcanoes as the source of the Red Planet's mysterious methane, but fails to resolve the question of where the methane comes from. Methane breaks down when exposed to sunlight, so its discovery in the Martian atmosphere two years ago meant that something on the planet was continually producing more of the gas. Most astronomers suspected its presence was the result of a geological process, while a few suggested the methane was the signature of past or present life. To try to narrow the range of possibilities, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, who studies planetary atmospheres at the Catholic University of America in Washington, turned a powerful infrared spectrometer towards Mars. He targeted sulphur dioxide – the volcanic gas that should be easiest to spot.

Earth’s volcanoes release methane, but they generate thousands of times more sulphur dioxide, which has an even shorter atmospheric lifetime than methane – just two years. So finding sulphur dioxide would mean volcanic vents on Mars were actively releasing the gas, and presumably methane as well. However, high-resolution measurements revealed no trace of Martian sulphur dioxide. From that, Krasnopolsky calculated that Mars’ atmosphere could contain no more than one part per billion of the gas. This in turn means that Martian volcanoes can be releasing no more than one seven-hundredth as much sulphur dioxide as terrestrial volcanoes – and far too little methane to sustain the levels recorded in the Martian atmosphere.

I can't rule out a geological source of methane" because there are many conceivable mechanisms, Krasnopolsky told New Scientist, but "this makes biological methane more plausible". "You want to resort to biogenic sources as the last possible alternative," Lyons told New Scientist, noting that methane fluxes on Mars are six to seven orders of magnitude smaller than on the Earth, which possesses an abundance of organic-origin methane. Thanks to Skywatch International

Earth passes through space debris

The bright light behind the clouds is a fireball photographed Nov. 2, 2005, by Mark Vorhusen of Germany. Thanks to NASA.

The Earth is passing through the space debris known as the Taurids meteor shower.

On November 2nd in the Netherlands, "The sky lit up very bright," reports Koen Miskotte. "In the corner of my eye I saw a fireball about as bright as a crescent moon." "People are probably seeing the Taurid meteor shower," says meteor expert David Asher of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland. Every year in late October and early November, he explains, Earth passes through a river of space dust associated with Comet Encke. Tiny grains hit our atmosphere at 65,000 mph. At that speed, even a tiny smidgen of dust makes a vivid streak of light--a meteor--when it disintegrates. Because these meteors shoot out of the constellation Taurus, they're called Taurids. Hidden within the dust meteors could be larger ones that cause damage to Earth and could be mistaken for UFOs.

NASA Astronauts Saw UFOs In 1962

NASA was formed in 1958 and from the start a number of its astronauts and test pilots testified to sighting UFOs or craft of undetermined origin.

Initially, Joseph Walker was the first to announce a sighting - he told the National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in 1962 that he had an aerial encounter with two disc-shaped objects the previous month. He had actually filmed the encounter.

In April 1962, NASA pilot, Joseph Walker, filmed five cylindrical and disc-shaped objects from his X-15 aircraft. Another test pilot, reported an incident involving a formation of UFOs while flying at 314,000 feet. NASA refused to reveal any evidence that might substantiate the pilots' claims - photographs or films were never released.. Many anomalous objects captured are caught on video during Shuttle Missions: See: (Includes a number of audio/video files) Peace, Geoff Richardson

Arizona Sighting of an Unknown

YUMA -- Saturday night October 29, 2005, around 10:45 PM, we were driving north on Highway 95 headed to Fortuna Road which is 14 miles from Yuma Proving Grounds. My husband and I saw some lights over the field near the road. There were four lights on one side, then a gap with four lights on the other that were connected to a wood post carrying electrical wires. As we got closer we could see it was just hovering there. Two more lights came on in the middle of it. Then it rolled off to the right and was flying very low. It was twenty feet off the ground. Then it rocked from side to side. Right wing down and then left wing down.

I asked my husband, a USMC aircraft maintenance officer with a Bronze Star from Afghanistan, 18 years on the job and two conflicts deep, if I should call the police. He slowed down to 35 mph, it went up and turned around and shined the two middle lights brightly on us and the other car on the road which had a flat front tire and would not stop. He was probably also scared. It flew next to us at 35 mph, and my husband sped off at up to 85 mph and it was still next to us.

The car with the flat started flashing high and low beam lights as if they did not want us to leave them behind. It followed us to our turn and then the craft turned around again and went back. My husband has worked on pretty much all the aircraft in the Corps. We heard no engine noise and it was not until I realized that planes do not fly next to you at 35 miles per hour that I got scared. YPG is a hot spot for sightings My husband enlightened me that there were no flashing lights like a plane or chopper. I went back the next day and there were two huge military trucks parked on the other side of the road that drove off as I was coming up. Thanks to Brian Vike

California - A Huge Sphere of Light

ORANGE COUNTY -- Ed Brooks writes, "I have had numerous sightings in the last four months on a weekly and sometimes daily basis." I took this photo in California not Las Vegas as reported last week. For accuracy I believe this is important. I was awakened again last night, November 3, 2005, at about 11:40 pm, to a loud explosion and ran out back and sure enough there was the orange orb.

I have trouble sleeping and about 3:15 AM, on October 29, 2005 I had gotten out of bed and happened to see a huge glowing orange ball 750 feet high in my backyard. With my arm extended the object was the size of a tennis ball. It was extremely bright and staying solid and flying slowly east. I ran inside and awakened my friend Candice and when she saw it she could not even speak. It was still moving very slowly at about ten mph. I took about four pictures with different patterns from one picture to the next. I also took a close up per your suggestion. When I took the last picture something ejected from the object and two seconds later a bright flash lit up the sky followed by an explosion right after. It must have been pretty low because you could see smoke from the explosion. The explosion awakened my 11 year old son and he came outside to see. It began to fade out then back in again. It lasted for about 25 minutes. The flash and explosions are kind of scary. This time the sky was covered with low clouds and the orange orb rose upward this time to be engulfed by these clouds. There is no other sound but this time the neighbor’s dogs were whining and scratching at their owner’s door. Thanks to Ed Brooks

OAKLAND -- I had gone over to a friend's house for a light party with videos on October 29, 2005. The movie just started and I glanced out the window for a moment at 8 PM, just in time to see a ball of white light, too large to be a comet, go down in a falling pattern. It seemed fairly far-off, and I know I wasn't imagining it because I could see that when it went behind trees and buildings, it wasn't visible. Nobody else saw it, but when I mentioned that I saw something like a massive comet falling, a few people brought up a series of light sightings from just days before.

I wonder if they have a connection. Has anyone else noticed, out of mere curiosity, that radio stations and speakers lately have been getting weird beeping noises? Not high pitched or low down, but an alto-tone? Almost like a Morse code. I'm not the only one who's heard it; whenever I'm in a car or listening to a music program and it comes on, I wait until someone else brings it up to see if I'm the only one hearing it, and I'm not. Probably no correlation, but I still would like to know what it is. Thanks to Brian Vike

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- The Air Force’s second Bell-Boeing CV-22 Osprey, arrived at Edwards on October 27, 2005, two months earlier than the contract’s due date. The first Air Force Osprey was delivered for electromagnetic testing to NAS Patuxent River, Md. on September 16, 2005. The third CV-22 is due in 2006, and the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center will use these first three aircraft to conduct an Operational Utility Evaluation next summer.

The CV-22 is the Special Operations Forces (SOF) variant of the tilt-rotor aircraft that has vertical take-off and landing ability like a helicopter, and provides operational flexibility from small landing zones then flies at high-speed (230 knots). The Air Force and U.S. Special Operations Command plan to procure 50 CV-22s to conduct day or night long-range infiltration, exfiltration and re-supply of special operations forces. Thanks to Air Force Office of Public Affairs Release #011105

Editor's Note: the ability of the Osprey to hover may confuse people with UFOs.

Colorado metallic oval or cylinder

STRASBURG – On a clear day two witnesses noticed an object shining in daylight sky at 6:20 PM, on October 2, 2005. The sun was about 40 degrees from the object and through binoculars the object was clearly reflecting the sun and was visible for 15 minutes. It then split into three objects, or two smaller sections left main object for a short distance, then, all three appeared to move directly away and disappear in three seconds. The other witness to this is an engineer at Rocky Mountain Arsenal and a total skeptic. After seeing this object he is not so sure! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida - Slow Flying Black Triangle

GAINESVILLE -- I was getting in my car and movement overhead caught my eye on October 20, 2005, at 6:14 PM. I spotted a very slow moving and very low overhead craft that was absolutely enormous. At first when I recognized the dark triangular shape, I thought perhaps it was a stealth bomber, but realized it wasn't possible as it was so low, moving so slowly, and did not make a sound.

It was silent on a perfectly clear night with the stars shining. It was an hour after sunset and the moon was rising. The object was barely visible but had very dim lights around its edges- roughly as bright as the dimmest stars, that distorted the background sky to conceal itself. It flew due east and I watched as it passed over the roof of the adjacent building. I followed the best I could but I had no luck and nearly got in an accident.
Incidentally, I have a BS in psychology. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Kentucky Bell-Shaped Object

HILLSBORO – The witness reports seeing a bell-shaped object at 7:30 PM, on October 29, 2005, while typing on the computer. During previous sightings the light has appeared to change shape and pulse in response to a large flashlight blinking white or red. It was higher in the sky and a little farther west than in previous sightings. A similar light was observed on the evening of October 18, and 26.

This evening the light did not respond to the flashing lights and remained stationary for about 45 minutes. I thought it might be Mars, but it began to descend (two 2 thumb widths from the horizon) and "float" westward. It took about ten minutes for it to move west too far to be seen. The sky was clear and the temperature was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to Brian Vike

Editor’s Note: All planets and stars appear to move 15 degrees per hour as the Earth spins.

Michigan - Intersecting Lights and Oval

WESTLAND -- I saw three lines of lights in a intersecting formation slowly flying over my house at about the same level as a helicopter would fly on October 16, 2005, at 9:20 PM, but it wasn't a helicopter. I would know because I've lived next to Detroit metro for three years and I've seen many planes and helicopters but nothing like this! It was the size of a football field but there was nobody I could see, just lights. Also there was no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

WIXOM – The witness spotted an oval-shaped object that was floating above several farm buildings on October 17, 2005, at 10 PM. It hovered slowly along the roof line of each shed, and was almost silent, except for a muted staccato noise, that sounded like clucking? Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Missouri -- Strange Orange Light

BRUMLEY – The witness reports, "My son 32 and I (56) both saw a strange light that would move near us, then move back out on October 27, 2005, at 3 AM. This went on for about six minutes. It was flying at mid sky to the west. We live in Miller County Missouri, far back in the woods. We have seen many things up here over the past few years, but this is the first I have reported to anyone. There was no sound, but it was not an aircraft or helicopter. Thanks to Brian Vike

New York City - Huge Black Triangle

BRONX -- I was working as an over night security guard for a beer distribution company on November 10, 2001. I noticed for more than over a month lights that seem to appear at random times after midnight over a building located in front of the facility. These lights resembled those of a brilliant roman candle.

They sparkled on a massive scale over the building in front of the facility. I observed this night after night from my security booth. I decided to take a closer look, when I approached the front entrance I saw that out of these sparkles appeared a huge black triangle. I was frightened by the size of this craft which hovered directly above me and was heading east at a very slow speed and most importantly very silent tempo.

It was as wide as a six story building and as long as a twelve story building and was about nine stories up in the sky. I paced backwards as this craft was right above me and I was speechless. I thought I could possibly be an abductee. The craft was literally pitch black and the only light was a white signal light at the tip of its nose. Bush was in town on that weekend to address the victims of that disaster

I truly believe that I am one out of a few in New York who pay attention to the signs in the sky. Thanks to Brian Vike

Pennsylvania – Circular Lights

JONESTOWN -- I was driving to work the night of October 19, 2005 and around 9:15 PM, a bright circular light appeared in the sky. Then one after another they just lit up in a row across the sky. Then they disappeared and I could see blinking lights from 6 to 10 aircraft flying all around like they were chasing each other. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

LANCASTER COUNTY -- Mindy Gerber sent me this photo and e-mail from Robert Kaetzel. I took these pictures at a pretty high resolution. I have an Olympus E20N digital camera with zoom lens. The photos were taken on October 1, 2005 some time between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. I didn’t see anything at the time. I was just taking some photos of the Amish working in the fields from a distance. We were on the Strasburg railroad between Route 741 and Route 30.

I am not one to see things in my photos. Over in the right hand side of the photo near the ground is what appears to be a metal sphere. The image actually looks pretty good zooming in at about 400-600%. I didn’t hear any noise. Feel free to use the photos in any way you want. Thanks to Robert Kaetzel and Mindy Gerber.

Texas – Formation Sighting

ARLINGTON -- A man and woman called to report witnessing a peculiar yellow light in the northern sky, viewed from their location in the center of Arlington on October 16, 2005, at 10:30 PM. They reported that the flare seemed to simply accelerate straight away from them, moving to the north. Carswell AFB to the north of Arlington is open. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Virginia – Red and White Lights

VIRGINIA BEACH -- I was standing at the window at the front of my house talking on the phone to my sister on October 16, 2005, at 10:30 PM. I saw lights red and white blinking. The object was hard to see but a good size, it was very low as it was behind the trees in the near distance.

I asked her to go outside to see if she could hear or see anything and she couldn't, I said it's right over near your house and you can't see or hear anything? No she couldn't, so it couldn't have been a helicopter and it hovered low to the ground for about a minute.

My sister said she noticed the air kind of foggy by her house, at that time but nothing was seen or heard. It was a clear night so I don't know why it would be foggy?

Anyway my husband and son also were looking out the window and they couldn't figure out what it was either, but my husband who always tries to make sense of any situation could not for this one, he knew it was a real object with lights.

Then all of a sudden it moved off sideways and disappeared among the trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington DC

Please take a minute to view this film short "A Close Encounter @ The US Capitol". It is a film created from actual event images taken in HD. This sample is by far, the best type and quality of any other samples currently on the market. I invested three years in studying these objects. The objects generated texture bitmaps unlike anything I have ever seen or encountered in any software on the current market. I also animated some of the films sequences to show by example, what I saw that night at the US Capitol. I will apologize in advance to avoid any possible confrontation due to psychological impairments caused by the graphic nature of this film sample. I ask that you have an open mind and accept the facts as they are presented. I must mention that the original image presentation is in Avid HD, and is too large to be sent over the web in its original form (HDDV). Thanks to WG Allen

Argentina: Water Tanks Emptied

"LA CABAÑA" RANCH -- CIUFOS-La Pampa (Raul Oscar Chaves) reports, "In the early morning hours of October 31, 2005, a 70,000 liters tank of water used to provide liquid to livestock was found to be missing. Miguel Garrone, who leases the "La Cabaña" ranch, says that the tank was filled to the maximum on Saturday evening and was found completely empty in the early morning hours of Monday. There were no signs of breakage, leakage, nor signs of moisture in its perimeter that could provide an answer to the mysterious disappearance. The astonished livestock rancher indicated that this is not the first time tanks have been emptied. The ranch is located some 15 km south of Parera, La Pampa. On July 2, 2005, in a ranch belonging some 4 km from Quetrequén another 70,000 liters of water vanished in a similar fashion. Mutilated animals were also found in this area in this region.

[Editor's Note: One of the most startling aspects of the 2002 cattle mutilation wave in Argentina was the disappearance of tremendous amounts of water from the large cisterns known as "tanques australianos" (literally, Australian tanks. Entire swimming pools were drained. Psychic Silvia Browne, a guest on TV's Montel Williams Show said, a US swimming pool was drained "by UFOs".- SC] Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.

Austalia Sightings

Ross writes, "These photos clearly show the similarities of the UFOs I’ve been filming here 5 years and still seeing daily. Most interesting is the streaming footage I took of a green glowing orb in the day., a good 10mins or more that’s now been matched by another viewing my material to views as seen by the US Air Force when chasing UFOs. Beyond similar one can border on exact! Do you have any thoughts on the propulsion currently on these types of craft? Would you like to see my footage that would add more clarity to the question as this thing hovered in front of me over ten minutes in the bright midday sun?

Attached are four comparison views of four various types of craft seen world wide, my pictures are all stored on file with dates an extensive properties, most were taken before the comparison view pictures seen world wide were even shot, solving any issues ,but proving one thing over all. What is happening in Australia is mighty big as the amount of footage of various craft filmed in the same location shows!

Again I hope these maybe posted by you to show the public an give them the opportunity to see Australia has very active and ongoing phenomena on a daily level in north Queensland Australia. Thanks to Ross

Canada – Sightings

TORONTO -- I saw something that struck me as very odd on November 2, 2005, at 6:42 PM, while out for a walk with my infant son. At 6:42 PM, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a white streak that upon focusing on it went across the horizon till it was obscured by trees. This seemed whiter and brighter than a meteor or a shooting star. Thanks to Brian Vike

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – The witness was out having a smoke on a balcony over looking the Bedford Basin and the Mackay Bridge on November 2, 2004, around 11:15 PM. The witness was looking up and something caught the witnesses eye. It had a three angled chevron shape. It was completely silent, and dark and didn't appear to be lit up. The witness noticed a red sort of diamond shapes on it. This was nothing like an aircraft and flew in half an arc, flew a barrel roll and then it disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike

Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research is driving the 12 hours to Kelowna, British Columbia to take part in the filming of the Kelowna Missing Time Case. It will be a two day shoot and he will most likely arrive back home November 7, 2005.

Caribbean Sea T-33s chase UFO

WEST INDIES -- A formerly classified Air Intelligence Information Report #112 states: During the period 9 through 13 March 1958, three unexplainable radar contacts were made by equipment located in the West Indies. (Probably at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.GF) according to recently released Air Force Documents. On two occasions, aircraft were vectored into the area the radar sites, with negative results. Interrogation of the scope operators has indicated that returns were strong and easily distinguished from cloud formations. Returns were definite when associated with clouds. Generally the tracks were triangular with speed of movement very erratic. Movement appears at times to evasive action. The incident of 9/10 March was tracked by gun laying radar. During the period of observation, radar maintenance personnel checked out the system completely. In addition, a lock was broken, however, this equipment immediately picked up target and locked on.

A second tracking radar situated on Tobaga Island, locked on the return. Target generally remained in same area half way between the radar sites. Personnel stationed at sites reported seeing red and green lights but no noise was associated with the lights. Visibility was good. A commercial flight volunteered to investigate target and was vectored to a hundred yards of the target, but reported negative sighting. Target faded out at 0208 R on 10 March. At 10:12 search radar reported unidentified target and a T-33 jet was sent to investigate with negative results despite being in the immediate area of the targets.

Contact was lost at 14:15R.

Air Intelligence Information Report 112. Thanks to investigator Henry Schuren

Editors Note: Numerous reports have been received from Puerto Rico and Venezuela with UFOs reported diving and exiting the Caribbean Sea. The T-33 that I flew with a max speed of 600 mph is often considered the most widely used jet trainer in the world.

Chile Photos of UFOs

VIÑA DEL MAR -- These are the UPI photos of the object photographed over Viña Del Mar and Valparaiso on Sunday, October 30, 2005. Thanks to Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Mexico: Images of Luminous UFOs

MEXICO CITY'S – In the Clavería District comes the report of a large flying object on November 1, 2005, that was accompanied by a smaller "escort" according to the eyewitness Gustavo Casasola. The large sphere remained static for over an hour then headed for the Popocatepetl Volcano. Later Ricardo Antonio Morales, reported a shining spherical object from the Coyoacán district noting that its intensity diminished as airliner went past at 13:00 hours

MEXICO CITY -- This video recording was made on November 2, 2005, at 8:30 AM, for two minutes using a Sony TRV-340 camera. Ana Luisa Cid witnessed the transit of an elongated luminous object. The unidentified object engaged in back-and-forth motions, occasionally giving the appearance of moving in reverse. Later, she received a report from Salvador Guerrero, advising that a flotilla of spheres had been recorded at 15:20 hours, flying at a high altitude toward the Iztaccihuatl volcano.

At night, Ricardo Antonio Morales and passengers on his bus reported sighting of a large green luminous sphere over the Mexico-Puebla Highway enroute to Veracruz.

Prof. Cid maintained cell phone contact with Morales and heard the excitement of those present. Three different cameras picked up the UFOs. Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid, Mexico.

TEPEXPAN -- The first sighting was a white-hued spherical object near the tollbooth on 0ctober 16, 2005. The object entered into a cloud bank. Later Salvador Guerrero and Victor recorded two UFOs around 5 PM, that were suspended near a hill on the way to Teotihuacan. The witnesses described them as "resembling sting rays." Two hours later, an object of indefinite shape crossed the sky that was red in color and traveled at high speed southeast.

Multiple UFO sighting reports have issued from the town of Tepexpan. Based on these events, Salvador and this author visited this location on October 16 in order to conduct a skywatch. Photos courtesy Salvador Guerrero and Víctor Thanks to Inexplicata The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Slightly later, on November 1, 2005, Vctor Gabriel Gonzalez was able to videotape the aforementioned event from the town of Tepexpan in Mexico State, reporting that the sphere remained in the sky until 17:45 hours.

UK Abduction

ENFIELD -- Stephen Clementson writes, "Enfield is not too far away from here, and the sighting logic fits with the general scheme regarding the BBC. They used night-sight equipment to video strange crop circle activity near Winchester, back in 1991." They felt that it was too politically sensitive to broadcast, so they switched to a negative stance. In other words, they knew all about this weird stuff before I had investigated the area. Then, in 1992, I found it for myself, complete with UFOs.

I've got news for the BBC...I'm not screaming with fear at the prospect of meeting alien entities. My wife is an abductee, complete with body marks. BBC has returned to a 1940s-style method of UFO denial, inclusive of the suggestion--although they is careful not to make the assertion--that abductees have bizarre mental health abnormalities. In other words, they are suggesting that abductees are a bit on the nutty side. The BBC are being careful to omit any contradictory evidence, such as, or similar to, the painful scoop marks on my wife's ankle. [email protected]

Thanks to Stephen Clementson

UFO Defense Tactics: Weather Shield to Chemtrails by A. K. Johnstone PhD.

Four stars according to Barnes & UFO Casebook relates that it is "information packed." Chosen as one of the ten best UFO books of 2002, by Anomalous Book List, it is available,, [email protected] or 1-800-938-1114 Is the government creating a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering the earth’s atmosphere? Take a look at the evidence.

Michigan MUFON Meeting

FLINT -- Last Sunday, I spoke at the Michigan MUFON Meeting, and greatly enjoyed the friendship and support shown by this excellent group. Their generous contributions will help enable these files to continue. David Twichell and Bill Konkolesky State Director Michigan MUFON invited me to speak and introduce our new book.

Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings

Major George A. Filer USAF (Ret) & David E. Twichell are happy to announce the release of our new book. If you like Filer's Files newsletter and his monthly report in the MUFON Journal, you'll love the book! It is a collection of some of the most thought provoking UFO sighting and abduction reports from around the world by average citizens, trained observers, astronauts and U.S. presidents. This is a review of many of the best cases in the last several years.

The book is $13.95 plus $3.05 shipping

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UFO Earth Mysteries Conference

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