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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #31 -2007
Aug 1, 2007, 14:18

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Shuttle STS-117 Spots "Curving" Object

Jeff Challender writes, "The primary task of STS-117 was delivery and installation of the S3/S4 Truss Segment and deployment of a new solar array." During the days' activities on 20 June 2007, one day after undocking from International Space Station, a routine water dump was carried out by the crew of Atlantis. The water dump was shown "live" on NASA Select TV, as allowed by the INCO in Houston Mission Control Center.

The waste water dump is a routine operation performed by Shuttle's on orbit. A water dump is accomplished by spraying excess water out into space through a nozzle. As this water is released, the individual droplets freeze almost instantly into ice particles rather like snowflakes. They scatter all over, bumping into each other like billiard balls, and even bounce off the Shuttle and Station components. But, due to the principle of inertia, they always move in straight lines through the vacuum of space. Once on a trajectory, they continue in a straight line until being influenced by an outside force such as the firing of the RCS jets aboard the Shuttle. It can briefly blow small particles about just like the wind on Earth. The gases dissipate into the vacuum rapidly, and their effect is quickly lost.

A strange anomaly larger and brighter than any of the others makes a curving course during the shuttle video. The anomaly compared to the ordinary ice particles is apparent. The ice crystals move straight while the anomaly curves through space changing direction.

I believe a good case has been made for this object being anomalous in nature. It has been demonstrated that all the "usual suspects" are out of the question. Nothing normally encountered in space fits the circumstances and behavior this thing displayed. Therefore, I must classify it as unknown. Follow this link for the rest of the story Jeff has an interesting article concerning how to detect lens flares that is worth reading. © 2007 Jeff Challender – Project P.R.O.V.E. DVDs Now available at

"Invasion" the New Motion Picture

The space shuttle has crashed, and investigators assigned to explore the wreckage have found something unimaginable in the debris - something from the deepest reaches of outer space. A mysterious, mind-altering epidemic has infected mankind, and when a Washington, D.C. psychiatrist discovers that the outbreak seems to be extraterrestrial in origin, she struggles to save her son from infection in this sci-fi thriller directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman shown here.

Everyone who comes into contact with it soon begins to transform in ways that can't be explained by modern science. While their physical appearance remains completely unaltered, their emotions seem to be drained and their actions become strangely inhuman.

The only people who know the truth psychiatrist Carol Bennell (Kidman) and her longtime friend Dr. Ben Driscoll (Craig). It seems that the alien virus attacks people in their sleep, and by the time they awaken the transformation has already taken place. The contagion is spreading rapidly. When Carol realizes that her young son may hold the only hope for saving the human race, she struggles to remain awake long enough to find the boy and prevent planet Earth from becoming host to a terrifying new breed of extraterrestrials.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I have received numerous contacts from people in different parts of the world who are frightened individuals, who seem mentally fit, hold jobs and run businesses, but have a secret. They are being visited by strange alien beings and unidentified flying objects but their stories sound strangely like "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland." Several people have suggested that Lewis Carroll the author might have been abducted himself and put his experiences in more understandable terms.

Humming Birds and Aliens

Recently we put up a humming bird feeder in our backyard. At first I didn’t see the birds because they flew so fast up to the feeder. Gradually I became accustomed to seeing a dark golf ball speed around the yard, We have one contactee who claims aliens are in his house on a regular basis but like humming birds they move so fast you usually don't see them.

Do you have a humming bird feeder? Humming birds move extremely quick, aliens move in a similar way. If you see something moving out of the corner of your eye. It might be an alien or his craft. High speed cameras can sometimes catch their motion. Practice watching humming birds move around your yard and you can train yourself to observe high speed aliens. At first I didn't see the birds move but now I'm getting use to them.

Often the stories I’m told by ‘abductees’ appear to be the modern version of Alice in Wonderland. The alien experience is wilder and almost unimaginable and indicates a technology far ahead of our own. Much strangeness occurs within the person’s home. Dave tells of seeing aliens moving around his home and he trying to film them. They appear to have the ability to go through walls and move at high speed. He got this video of one. An humanoid face can be seen on the right below the lights or orbs.

Both the aliens or the ‘abductees’ can float around in these orbs or balls of light. Often the ‘abductee’ is taken aboard a craft and flown to underground places, under the sea, to a larger space ship, to the moon or other planets. The ‘abductees’ are attempting to get photos of the aliens and their craft and sometimes are successful.

Alien Encounter

A friend of mine who works for a nuclear power company as a haz spill cleanup tech told me one night of her strange encounter in her own home on a stormy night. Doris made her usual rounds of the house ... the doors and windows just to be certain they were locked plus, the electronic security alarm to be certain it was active. She then went to bed after turning the lights off. She slept with a loaded 9 mm pistol under her pillow.

Doris was awakened in the middle of the night but was unable to move no matter how much she tried to. She was able to see by reflected light three smallish humanoid bodies around her bed. She tried to yell but could make not sound and mentally screamed for them to go away. Soon they left and she was finally able to move and turn on the lights and get up to look around. She didn't find anyone in her house but, upon further examination of her bedroom, she discovered three sets of three toed footprints in her new carpet which was a very thick pile type. The area around all three sets of footprints was damp!!! Thanks to JT

Editor’s Note: If something like this happens again Doris should consider asking the police to investigate. Someone entered her home and threatened her, possibly raped her, probably took DNA and her eggs. Reasonable evidence could have been collected based on her testimony and a close examination of the crime scene. We have found singed bed clothes, strange glass like dust and other evidence of entry. Frequently, there are scoop marks and scars on the body usually in places not easily noticed by the abductee. Often black light will pick up traces of a powder like substance. A medical examination and blood tests are warrented.

Mars Ancient Structures

Dave Smith writes, This photo is from the Mars "Marth Vallis," area, look at the edge of the crater at about the 4 o'clock position, you will see a pyramid shape or an arrow? Then just above that about the same size is a rectangle that looks to me like a Flag! You need to zoom in. There is also a ‘L’ shaped structure below and to the left of the rectangle.

Geologists intimate with the Recon orbiter that there are massive caves on Mars. That 'arrow' just may be pointing towards huge caves or tunnels. Thanks to Dave Smith

X-48B Blended Wing Body Aircraft First Flight

EDWARDS, Calif. -- NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center provided critical support for the first flight on July 20 of theX-48B. The 21-foot wingspan, 500-pound remotely piloted test vehicle took off for the first time at 8:42 a.m. PDT and climbed to analtitude of 7,500 feet before landing 31 minutes later. The Boeing Co. of Seattle developed the blended wing body research aircraft. "Friday's flight marked yet another aviation first achieved by a very hard-working Boeing, NASA and Cranfield team," said Gary Cosentino, Dryden's Blended Wing Body project manager. "The X-48B flew as well as we had predicted, and we look forward to many productive data flightsthis summer and fall."

California Aliens? Metallic Looking Discs

CHATSWORTH -- Francine writes, "Robert has sent me this amazing image of what he felt was two disc craft near his home. He said there are no houses where this video was taped, it was between his house, and the house that's next door to him, but the house can't be seen because of the trees. All he saw were lights, and he taped in that direction never seeing what was there. I see what appears to be two large crafts.

The one in the middle of the picture with the lights, looks circular in shape, with what could be windows going around the center, and with bright lights, on or near the craft. The lights have been darkened and contrast enhanced. If you look at the bright light to the left, underneath it is what looks like a humanoid figure, slightly bent forward, as if he was looking towards the camera. I also see transparent, figures on top, and to the right of that same craft.

The huge craft to the right looks like its hovering. This to me is an exceptionally great picture of a saucer shaped craft, with a large dome on top. He said there's no houses on my street that look like that, and I believe that to be true. Editor's Note: These photos were enlarged and enhanced using Zoner Photo Studio 8 freeware. Thanks to Francine

FRESNO – On July 22, 2007, I do a newspaper route every Sunday in Southwest Fresno, CA. As we waited for the newspapers to be unloaded from the truck, at about 4:47 AM, my friend said something about looking at the moon and as I looked towards the east about 3 o'clock high, I saw this object flying north to south at a high rate of speed, with no sound or lights. "I said no sound, no lights." We observed it for about six seconds and it disappeared into the darkness southeast of us.

In that early morning rays of the sun barely reflected off the metallic object flying at about 5,000 feet. I know that "they" were trying to get back to base because it came at 5:30 AM. My final conclusion is that our military is testing new stealth technology to be released in 3 to 5 years. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Colorado Gold Orb

PAGOSA SPRINGS Victoria Liljenquist recently visited Colorado, to lecture and reports: "During the presentation, I received a transmission instructing me to, again, meet with this group the following week on July 11, 2007. day, so it was obvious to us this was not a star. It flashed a huge bright gold light up along the hill that was actually below the area where we were standing to watch for the ships. We meditated and sang loving thoughts to our Brotherhood of space. At 9:11 PM a second sighting of a gold double orb appeared, flying about 1000 feet. It was very much like the one I filmed for "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages." This Double Amber Gold Orb then turned into three spinning orbs. We watched this one for at least 10 minutes.

Amber HUGE Orb appeared to our left down by the gully at 9:34 p.m. I had received transmission the ships would arrive between 9-10 p.m. What you know, they came right on time.

All three Ships appeared within one hour between 9 – 10 p.m.

Victoria states, "I wish to express to you all that energies are so accelerated now, that I encourage us all to truly prepare now for anything…your wildest imagination may be soon a reality before your eyes in your awake state of being. This is a glorious and wondrous time, which I have longed to see for many years." Snip Thanks to Victoria Liljenquist

Georgia Photographs

Jeff Challender received this report from J.H. who lives with her husband and children and is a professional livestock breeder, and a good amateur photographer. On the evening of Monday, July 18, 2005, she was out in her yard taking photos of some clouds being painted pink by the sun about 8:40 PM, which had set sometime before.
There is a thunderhead in the photo. What caught her attention was the three "lights" in the photograph which she didn't see at the time. There is also a "cigar" shaped light in the image that she asked if it might be a camera glitch? We are looking to the northwest. there are three enigmatic lights left, above, and right in the immediate vicinity of the cloud. There is a very bright light to the left, a dimmer one above, and what looks like a "cigar" shape to the right. The bright "orb" to the left looks like it is shining through the haze of the cloud, since it has a pinkish caste to it. Finally, we can see that there is bright dash, or cigar shape, to the right that seems to be suspended in front of the cloud. Since the camera was facing northwest, there are no planets in that direction on this date.

Photos Courtesy J.H. of Georgia
This image has been enlarged 1000% (using Microsoft Paint™ ) just before pixilation. Now we can see that the edges are somewhat rounded, rather than having sharp corners like a digital artifact does. Thanks to Jeff Challender Director of Project Prove.

Idaho A Thick Saucer Like Craft

PARIS – We were driving on Paris Canyon road towards the ice caves on July 16, 2007, at 4:13 p.m., and I saw a large strange object out my window (passenger side). I was watching this large object when it shot about 1,000 feet up and started moving east at a very high rate of speed. I had never seen an aircraft fly so fast not even a jet. It had no noise and no jet stream following it. We were at about 7,000 feet elevation so you would have been able to see wings on an aircraft. This seemed to look almost reflective in the bright sun. I tried to take a picture but nothing came up. Then, I started going through my pictures from around the town of Paris before we even started heading up towards the caves and sure enough, exactly 2 hours prior, without even realizing, I got a picture of the same thing that we saw later. I do have a picture and will share it. I will also answer any questions you may have. My husband was driving and as soon as I realized it was not a man made aircraft, I made him stop the truck and get out and watch it with me. He will validate my story. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Michigan Unusual Light Appears Again

STERLING HEIGHTS – The witness telephoned his sighting a few minutes after it happened. He also mentions in his report prior sightings. He qualifies why he doesn't think the lights are conventional aircraft or satellites because of the "starting and stopping" motions observed on July 23, 2007, at 5:05 AM EDT in a suburb North of Downtown Detroit..

Investigator's Notes: I am not sure what the witness sighted. However, he states that he is seeing these lights on consecutive days. This fact would tend to suggest a conventional explanation. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest ""Listen to Extract of Audio Clip of Report (MP3).

Pattie Donahue writes, "Here are some examples of what I uploaded...but as I said, there are many more at the above link. I put the dates in the photo descriptions, so you can see which are most recent. Here is an example of a recent bright energy orb display." Thanks to Pattie Donahue MUFON Investigator.

Minnesota Man Shoots UFO

CAMP RIPLY – The reporter states "I was camping on Snake River and awoke to relieve myself when I looked up into the east night sky and saw three lights in a triangle after walking back to tent. I was by the military training grounds near Camp Ripley July 3, 2004, between 2:30-3:00 AM. It was about a quarter mile away at altitude of 400 feet or less with a light orange hue. Direction of Travel: hovering Details/Markings: tree lights UFO. I shot at it with a 30.30 caliber rifle the lights went dim and disappeared, making no sound and was very weird. Why I shot at it I was scared and calm all at the same time. I laid down in my tent and when I told my ex-father in law I shot at a UFO, he laughed at me and said OK why would you shoot at it? I could not answer that. I felt embarrassed to tell him at all." passive Photo(s)/Film/Video/Sketch available?: no C1: Light form only C13: Within 200 feet of ground C18: Stationary target follow-up:

Missouri Maneuvering Red Flashing Lights

Hannibal – I was walking down the stairs and we have a window at the end of the stairwell. It was there that I saw a weird looking star outside at 10:45 PM, on July 24, 2007, that had a faint flashing light. I decided to go outside and just watch it. After awhile it wasn't moving, but still flashing. I saw another object. This one was moving and the lights were a flashing red and clear. it seemed to change directions many times and irregularly.

I decided to holler at my grandfather who is a retired pilot for the Air Force. The object came closer to view and I was now able to clearly see the lights jumped and flew off out of sight. We sat there longer and saw another one fly towards the other one faster in the same direction. We don’t know, what it was and both of us have seen many planes. Our location is along the Mississippi River 70 MI NW of St. Louis.

Investigator's Notes: The witness was quite impacted by his sighting and apparently so was his grandfather. Considering that the grandfather has a military pilot background makes this sighting more credible. The witness was probably truthful. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey Daylight Disk Sighted

SHORE -- My name is Frank Bressi and I live at the Jersey shore, and have most of my life. We spoke by telephone a few years ago when I was particularly vexed by the phenomenon which has been a part of my life since I was seven and I’m nearly 37 now.. It was reassuring to speak with you given your military background. I have spent the last few years trying to put the whole thing out of my mind since it was beginning to affect my life. But recently it started again. While driving to a restaurant I saw something in the sky over Asbury Park, where I had seen something in the same spot about four years earlier. This craft was oval and oscillating, transparent and illuminated from the inside. At other moments it seemed to be solid and silver.

We pulled the car over and watched for a few minutes. It was rather close. My mom agreed she saw something but my father, the realist, refused to look. The craft had a fairly erratic flight pattern much like a bumble bee but headed northwest. About fifteen minutes later to the north over Long Branch the craft appeared overhead but much lower. There were "wheels within wheels" as in Ezekiel in the Old Testament. Ever since this sighting I feel like they're back in my life again.

In your last file you mention the Alice in wonderland tavern...I’ve been there but my place was more like an upscale New York club. Very clean with some kind of reflecting pool and a bar and what seemed to be a water fall. I could see figures behind the water and when I inquired to the other club members they said those people couldn't come out yet because they "weren't ready. Thanks to Frank Bressi.

New York Hovering Craft with Blue Orange Lights

East Aurora/Elma -- As I was about to turn onto the road from the Porterville Road driveway on July 23, 2007, I observed an aircraft with bright colored lights (2 blue, 2 orange) HOVERING above the treetops. I stopped my car and observed it for thirty seconds . It then LUNGED forward and flew past and seemed to stop again and hover over the fields (the lights were still visible from what would have been the rear of the craft.) My daughter was driving behind me in the driveway and also witnessed it. We were in close proximity to the NYS Highway 400, so that others may also report this sighting. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

North Carolina Orb Photo

DAVIDSON COUNTY -- Orb and UFO photos are often obtained in this area. It was strange and made no noise. I don't know what it was, although it was like something off the X-files. In a second report the witness stated that she lost sight of the object behind some trees and that the object moved in a straight line. Thanks to Allen Caviness North Carolina Research Group

Pennsylvania Oval Shaped Flash

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I was driving to the shore for vacation on July 7, 2007, (Exact Date Unknown) when I saw a silver object in the sky. I stared for a few seconds then it flew into the clouds at 9:26 AM.

Investigator's Notes: He reported that the object entered a cloud. Perhaps the cloud was associated with the object and not a weather phenomenon? Objects disappearing into clouds have been observed in other sightings. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

NORTHEAST – On July 16, 2007, 10 PM - 10:30 PM, I was observing the Big Dipper and I noticed that clouds were moving in from the southwest and saw a very bright light oval shape flash. The flash was very rapid and jumped from place to place beneath the 10,000 feet cloud cover ceiling. The light flashed about nine times with three flashes towards the west, three in the east and three more in the west.

On July 18, 2007, between 10:15 to 11:00 PM, I saw four flashes of bright white light towards the west. I then called out for my sons and the light flashed again in the sequence of four flashes moving towards the west then turned to the north. I then told my son to get his camera, and the light flashed just above us no more than twenty feet away from us. We were blinded for a moment the room and became frightened. I didn't see the light again. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Wyoming Gray Metallic Cigar on Webcam


Virginia UFOs Photographed

CHARLESTOWN -- Brandon Mccain writes, "For better accuracy in these multiple additions to submission to you in the past, I am sending photos from Virginia, and West Virginia . The more random sky shots I take, the more UFOs I capture. Here is a wierd "Rod" in Woodbridge

Attachment 4: black object-woodbridge Thanks to Brandon Mccain. Camera Phone: Samsung (Verizon) Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Argentina Strange Creatures Seen New Mutilations

MACIÁ -- El Once Digital reports, "Alfredo Crettaz, a cattleman from Entre Rios, was 'visibly concerned' by the strange appearance of an animal found dead. "The perfect cut on the jaw is striking," he says, alarmed, and describes that "the animal has its entire nape of the neck peeled off, the tail completely peeled," he stressed in the report offered by Canal Once.

The countryman made this clarification because similar cases have been occurring in the region and cases with similar characteristics continue to repeat over and over. In mid-May of this year, a Hereford cow was found in Macià by Moises Enrique, its owner. In early June 2007, Felipe Weber, a local rancher, found a dead cow with the typical characteristics of mutilations. As a farmer, he dismissed the possibility that "a red-muzzled mouse" could've been the cause of the death.

The cows had perfect, cauterized incisions on their heads and bodies, their tongues and saliva glands had been removed, and their mammary glands, rectums and large intestines were missing. (Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Canada Sightings

LONDON, ONTARIO -- Deb reports, in last few months she and others have seen UFOs that are V shaped, and four long flat grey UFOs with no lights. The V one had 5-6 lights, other V looked like birds at night. The V shaped craft were bigger than a baseball and were light or grey roundish things. There was no sound on any of them. They were just above tree level and gone as fast as they came heading northeast. One passed overhead within 200 feet above ground and 200 feet from witnesses. The last V shaped object was seen around July 20, 2007. Thanks to Christopher MontgomeryExecutive Director UFORC International Global Network /

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO – My wife and I witnessed starting at 11:30 PM, on the night of June 30, and ending at about 1:30 AM on July 1, 2007. We live on the top floor of a condo building and saw what looked like a plane getting ready to land at Pearson Airport, which is a few miles north of our location. I noticed that this "plane" wasn't moving, I watched as this craft started making strange movements; almost like dropping a feather which drifts downwards from side to side, but then it would move back up to it's original position. It was also making very jerky movements up and down and from side to side. At this point, I called my wife to come in and have a look. She watched as it moved and jerked about but basically staying in the same general area of the sky. The object was perhaps 2000 feet high and had three lights on each corner of what looked to be a triangular body. I would guess that it was the size of a small jet with two pastel-green lights on two of the corners, and one red light on the third corner. The red light was also solid, except just before the object was about to move, the red light seemed to get "excited" and started flashing quickly before seeming to extend as if on a tether then was followed by the two green lights. In essence, it made the first move and almost looked like it "pulled" the rest of the craft where it wanted to go. As soon as the craft got to it's new location (perhaps 100 feet away), the red light became solid again. This same pattern repeated itself over and over again!

I decided to try and get this on video, so I took video with three separate cameras but unfortunately the object can't be seen in the film.

NORTH SURREY, B. C. – The eyewitness reported seeing the same triangular object for two nights on July 10, or 11, 2007, The witness was outside at around midnight watering his lawn, when looked up to see three objects in a lengthy triangle shape across the night sky. What he saw was a bright light, with activity all around the bright light.

What he saw was a red, green and a bright white light circulating around the bright light he originally had first observed. "He said to himself, there are three of these things. They phoned a friend in White Rock, B.C. who was able to see the same objects. The wife and three sons also witnessed this unusual event.

. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research. Listen to The Vike Report Radio Show On InnerStreams Network Every Sunday

Costa Rica Disc Caught on Cell phone Camera

SUBESTACIÓN ELÉCTRICA DE TRES RÍOS – Scientists do not deny nor confirm that the images of a video aficionado are those of an extraterrestrial ship. Just like any other day, Ángel Brenes left work on June 24, 2007, and made a video with his cellular telephone of a UFO. Ángel assures us that the light moved so that he cannot explain it. For Oscar Sierra, an expert in the subject UFOs, it is necessary to do additional analysis on the video; however, it displays characteristics that would make it real.

Physicist José Alberto Villalobos thinks differently; he assures us that it is indeed a UFO because it can’t be identified, but can’t say whether it’s an extraterrestrial ship. The video is similar to photography taken in France for some years. Students of Ufology assure us that every day hundreds of extraterrestrial visit our planet. Thanks to Luis Diego QuirósAdaptación

Mexico Strange Objects Photographed

MERIDA, YUCATAN -- Ana Luisa Cid reports. According to the research of Emilio Cetz and the AUM and Ovni Merida groups, very important UFO evidence was taken by Alberto Perez Valencia, who employed his cell phone camera to take a video of what he could see in the sky. He was sleeping in his room when he heard strange metallic noises which caused him to get out of bed and take a look. He saw a large object 50 meters over the ground over an abandoned lot. The witness says that the UFO was as big as a truck. He took images with a Sony Ericsson K300 cell phone at 3 PM. Mr. Perez is a cook from a humble background and has no computer image manipulation skills. They add that there is a "cenote" (a sacred Mayan well) near the place where the sighting occurred, and that very large carved stones were unearthed as the street was being paved. The video, over a minute long, appears to be genuine evidence. (Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Emilio Cetz)

South Africa A Spherical Shaped Craft

Durban – My mate and I were heading to Durban on January 29, 2005, about 9 PM, that evening. I was driving using my car heading easterly on the M43 from Tongaat, which joins up with M4 that takes you into Durban. It was a partly cloudy evening with some scattered rain. Then suddenly from absolutely nowhere these big bright round lights appeared from the clouds. There were about 6/7 of these bright figures and they just hovered over the ocean, moving north at a slow but synchronized pace.

So I stopped my car on the side of the road just to get a better look, it was an awesome sight to see. I tried to take a photo using my camera phone but unfortunately as it was getting kind of dark the quality of the picture was not good at all. And just as how the lights appeared there they vanished into the clouds never to be seen again. The whole incident happened like almost half an hour or so. Almost like a big spherical shape that vanished into the clouds. TV/Radio/Press: I believe East Coast Radio had a lot of listener phoning in about the phenomenon. Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.



UK Huge UFOs Spotted Over England

LOWESTOFT -- As an amateur astronomer, I'm quite used to looking up and noticed a bright star through the cloud cover on July 28, 2007. The cloud moved on revealing a clear sky and it still looked like bright moving star. I immediately revised my opinion of it to be a satellite. Then it stopped... After five minutes had past however (the time it took me to smoke another cigarette) it didn't move. It began to move again, this time at a slower pace. I noticed two stars above it that were quite dim in comparison and formed the shape of a triangle alongside the bright star. All the stars moved with it and I realized that it was a triangle that continued to move about for a further 30 minutes.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I thought I could make out edges that joined the three stars. It appeared to be a black triangle shape. As it continued to move erratically for the next hour at about 500 feet up and was directly over marshland and the broads. I'd spent the day at the town's annual seafront air festival seeing a variety of planes flying over the sea gave me a good yard stick for altitude.

At one point, cats started to scream and dogs began to howl. I've never heard such a chorus before and I felt a bit scared at this point. As suddenly as it had began, the chorus stopped and I was back to staring at this enigma again in complete silence. I had been watching it for one hour and 45 minutes and was utterly convinced that what I was witnessing was something extraordinary. It was then that the ball of light appeared from slightly below it. This was a real 'bloody hell!' moment and I was utterly mesmerized by it's luminance and size. Bright like a flare, it seemed to be white in the middle, but orange around the edges and it moved very steadily down from the triangle and began to move directly overhead.

At this point I freaked out and rushed into the living room to get my camera and it was directly overhead, the shape of a jelly bean. Unfortunately, my digital camera is a relatively cheap model and by the time it had fired up, the object had moved quite a distance. The triangle was no longer there, just an orange ball for another twenty minutes during which it seemed to ascend very slowly. After 30 minutes, a cloud obscured the ball of light. I have included the picture I took with the flash on as I staggered out of the house. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Liverpool – Ed Casson reports, "On the sunny afternoon of July 25, 2007, Lee Jones of Anfield looked up from the back garden of his home and saw something which terrified and mesmerized him." An enormous saucer-shaped craft emerged slowly from the cumulus clouds and hung in the sky as in the illustration above.

The UFO was so large, a passing commercial airliner was dwarfed against it, leading Lee to estimate the unidentified craft’s size as over a mile in diameter. He ran in and fetched his wife and mother-in-law, and they too saw the gigantic circular craft – the color of ‘grey gun-metal’ – hanging in the summer sky as clouds drifted over its surface, obscuring the mysterious visitor.

After about fifteen minutes of peeping out from the clouds, the UFO was nowhere to be seen. Had something its size taken off at high speed, a sonic bang would have rocked Merseyside, but no such boom was reported.

Lee’s account is just one of many reports I have received, describing what might be the same gargantuan UFO. Earlier this year in January, a Mr Fraser of Childwall was taking a nightly stroll down when he noticed several lights in the sky. Mr Fraser quickly realized these pinpoints of light were on some darker circular object of an enormous size. The huge disc-shaped UFO moved slowly from the direction of Halewood across the sky

Throughout June, this same colossal UFO seems to have been seen by people in the Dingle, Aigburth, Grassendale and Hunt’s Cross, at night. A retired local policeman named Colin and an aviation expert from Runcorn named Greg have joined forces to get to the bottom of the giant UFO sightings, and initially believed the reports were misidentifications of the planet Venus, or aircraft lights, but now they accept that these explanations do not pan out.

Electronics enthusiast Greg has built his very own radar unit using satellite dishes, and has even obtained data on the mysterious mammoth UFO. He has ascertained that it is almost a mile in length and hovers at an altitude of around 7,000 feet.‘It blocked out the stars when it came into view at 3 AM, says Colin. Thanks to ICSEFT

Norwegian Conference

Seventh Euro SSE MeetingPaul Devereux A historical case of Earth Lights Thanks to [email protected] Oestfold College, Remmen, 1757 Halden, Norway /


August 10-12, 2007 in Denver, Colorado

With speakers Timothy Good and Stan Freedman


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