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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer’s Files # 28 - 2007
Jul 11, 2007, 12:35

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STS-117 Videotapes Object in Space


Atlantis approaching International Space Station

Jeff Challender reports, "On Sunday, 24 June, I received an e-mail asking me if I'd noticed the possible UFO on NASA Select TV hovering outside the Shuttle/Station Complex on 11 June, shortly before the onset of EVA #1 of STS-117.

The object was described as a "gigantic black disk", with a glowing edge, which slowly faded from sight. I reviewed the tape and it turned out to be the limb of Earth. Operators inside ISSy were using Canadarm 2 to slowly position the new 35,000 pound (15,900 Kg) S3/S4 truss segment for final installation by space walking Astronauts later in the day.

Another object caught my eye... This one was moving slowly AWAY from the edge of Earth from left to right through the "crook" of the Canadarm 2 elbow. The INCO cut away from this object to another camera view, then back to the original view just as the object was disappearing behind the new S3/S4 Truss segment.


This is the single best frame of the object itself. It is enlarged 400% in this case. Now it more resembles the crescent Moon. The "fuzziness" is caused by blowing up an image taken from TV.

One likely possibility is ice or debris passing by at random. Once again, there are factors which point away from this explanation. We can see that the anomaly emerges from BEHIND Canadarm 2, and disappears BEHIND the truss segment. That puts it at some distance, indicating a minimum size of one yard or greater. Such a size is large enough to cause great concern for the safety of orbiting spacecraft. Since there was no observable reaction from Astronauts and Cosmonauts on orbit, nor in Mission Control Center on the ground, it seems obvious that they knew this wasn't a big chunk of ice or debris.

Lastly, it's observed brightness is higher than it should be for a bit of ice or debris at its distance from the camera. Remember, the Sun had set several minutes before, so the only light source for ice or debris to reflect comes from floodlights aboard ISSy and Atlantis. We can extrapolate that the object was at a minimum of 30 feet, and possibly much farther. At these distances, the brightness of the object suggests self-luminosity.

All these factors, taken together, tend to point to an anomalous nature. Thanks to Jeff Challender

Mars Vegetation and Symbols


European Space Agency image Valles Marineris on Mars. Green vegetation and white markings indicating possible mining operation.


Rover image of large rock with Symbols. Courtesy of NASA/JPL

ABC Nightly News Reports on UFOs 

Saturday night July 7, 2007, ABC National News reported on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Roswell and interviewed Fox who wrote, "out of the Blue."
They showed quick excerpts of President Jimmy Carter, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, and Arizona Governor Fife Symington all claiming they had seen UFOs.

 Governor Symington saw a huge triangular craft over Phoenix. They also showed the original Roswell News Release of the Army capturing a flying saucer. Although, they were non-committal this is the first time I remember a reasonable National Nightly News report claiming millions of people believed the Earth has been visited.

 The Lt. Walter Haut Affidavit  

Wendy Connor's writes, "OK. Let's talk brass tacks in research and get off the B. S. train regarding the Lt. Walter Haut affidavit.

1. There are inconsistencies with the oral history interview from 2000 and Walter's affidavit two years later. This isn't earth shaking news, but it does not mean Walter Haut was senile or suffering from dementia. This is absolute intellectual nonsense and rubbish.

2. I talked with Walter many times and interviewed him on videotape twice. Walter was one of the most consistent people I've ever met. A careful man in respect for the Air Corps and his country's secrets. Yet, he gave out just enough to keep people interested and researching something he knew to have happened because it might be good for the youth of the nation to become interested in science and journeying to the stars. He believed in the youth of Roswell and the nation. A rare trait not found in current generations in my opinion.

3. In March, 2000, Walter gave an oral history to Dennis Balthaser and myself. He had told me several times that he would like to do so and leave what he could remember for history. He did. He embellished nothing. 

4. He indicated that the crash of an unknown object came down near Roswell, he released Col. Blanchard's press announcement, attended the meeting in the conference room the next day when Gen. Roger Ramey gave orders to cover the incident up, that there may have been a few bodies but he remembered only the one he saw that was injured and dead and the object was damaged and mainly in one piece.
A man of integrity gives an overall confirmation that researchers and the general public wanted to know from history. Hardly an non-credible witness by any stretch of the imagination.

5. Walter told me in private conversations some things that are not in the oral history or affidavit. Things he didn't want to go on record. I am slowly working on these things.

6. In my opinion the affidavit signed by Walter Haut is basically consistent with what he told Dennis and me, but contains embellishments and errors. I believe Walter signed the affidavit, but didn't do the embellishments himself. The point is that he was a credible witness to the Roswell incident and confirmed the truth in a broad manner without feeling that he betrayed the Air Corps or the government. His own statement in the oral history bears this out: "I think some things were released that shouldn't have been released." Thus his own justification for giving the overall truth since the information was officially released. But, he was very, very careful. He cannot be faulted for it.

7. Which is closer to the truth? Walter's own words or a statement written by others and signed by Walter? You be the judge. I'll go with the proverbial horse's mouth interview and knowing the man. But that's just me. Enough said. Thanks to Wendy Connor's

Weather Radar sees UFO. 

I was reading your Filer's Files #25 and saw the picture and story about the weather radar picking up UFO's. Very interesting!! I wanted to send you a picture that I saved from a screen shot of Weatherbug radar from back on Jan 12, 2007 (picture is attached). I thought the long cylindrical radar return over Canada was kind of strange. I am not saying that it is a UFO and as I am not an expert on interpreting weather radar images, I do not know what it might be. Just thought you might find it interesting. Thanks to Ray

New Boeing 787 

It's Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, a fully assembled model of which made its debut Sunday to a throng of enthusiastic reporters and in Washington.

Alabama Glowing UFOs over Gulf

Gulf Shores -- My Husband first noticed an orange looking circular shape appear over the ocean on June 6, 2007, at 10 PM. He pointed it out to the rest of us thinking at first that it could be some sort of spotlight from a helicopter or plane. Within a minute or two the light suddenly disappeared and reappeared in seconds above the coast line to the right of its original location. This flashing from left to right went on for five or more minutes. The lights stopped for a couple of minutes and then reappeared more extravagant.

I personally witnessed the light appear over the ocean and then another orb seemed to stretch out of the original. The cloned orange orb moved faster than light to the far right and then in a quick spinning type motion the light stretched and lines appeared in it. Those went away and then suddenly 4 different ones appeared with the last one to remain being in the same spot as the one that had spun. That one too spun and they all vanished. This lasted from the time we noticed it for about 34 minute’s central time.

There were no sounds at all. I never believed in anything and am still not sure of what it could have been except that of a UFO considering the fact that we can not identify it. We did observe these through binoculars, however by the time we thought to grab a camera the lights stopped. .

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center

California Aliens?

Chatsworth – Francine writes, "In the last few months I've been very busy, gathering videos of UFOs. Other pictures are also from my videos, of glowing humanoid creatures, that were on Oak Mountain just north of me. I have acquired over 40 hours of videos.. These mountains here are full of aliens, and UFOs. at the old Nike Base (LA-88). You can watch them on under Chatsworth Ca UFOs.  

This video was taken on April 19, 2007, and after several minutes of filming the light switches off.  Thanks Francine

Foster City -- July 1, 2007, at 6 PM, I was lying on my small porch relaxing with my dog. As I looked up I found two very small shiny round objects in the sky. I got binoculars and saw them bigger. The binoculars are not meant to see that far so they just looked bigger shiny round objects. By this time they began to move very slowly as if drifting. They were drifting in different directions. One went behind a tree and the other my roof, I stood up and looked and they were gone. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences. *The Vike Report Eyewitness UFO Radio Show*

Colorado White Non Flashing Lights

Loveland -- I was outside in our back yard on June 21, 2007, with my wife closing up the pool and hot tub when a pair of bright white lights, neither flashing nor rotating, appeared from the NW at 9:45 PM. The lights were in perfect unison, but stayed the same distance from each other as they moved somewhat slowly from NW to SE. The lights were much brighter than the stars, and relatively low. They made no sound but darkness did not allow a shape to be determined. I am an air traffic controller and these lights and their movement was not like any aircraft that over-fly towards the Denver International airport. It was nearly mesmerizing to watch the steady silent movement. As the pair of lights headed south in constant straight motion, then dropped from view instantly, not fading. These lights mimic the reports from Ontario. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Delaware High Speed Object  

Newark -- Roughly around 2:30 AM, about June 9, 2007, I went out on my deck to have a smoke and looked over an adjacent house and noticed a flying object moving at incredible speed maneuvering not capable by any known aircraft. It was flying low and passed behind a tree line. A few seconds later it came back into sight, made an incredible vertical change in direction, rose up, shot horizontally, and then rose vertically and vanished. Its speed, sharp turns and maneuvers are not possible with any known aircraft. It was a white circle light. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center

Illinois Flying Triangles and Back

On July 3, 2007, my daughter and I decided to go out to a field and lie down to watch the sky. At first we saw the usual things, when I noticed an object had multiple lights to the north of us. These were "chasing" lights, not blinking ones like airplanes have. This object was flying much faster than the planes and was a disc at an angle. You could tell that it was spinning and the lights were going around it. It probably was only there for about 30 seconds then was gone. It made no sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Pinkish Long Diamond


At about 10:30 last night on July 4, 2007, I was out on my deck smoking a cigarette looking at the sky. I saw a hot-pink, shimmering, needle-shaped object in the Southern sky. The color was intense and really caught my eye.

I kept looking at it and realized this wasn't an airplane. At times it would make side to side movements then moved back to its original position and remained vertical the entire time. I was exited and shocked. It remained in the sky about 15 minutes. Then it slowly faded until it disappeared. This is my second UFO sighting. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Kansas Disc Seen by Reverend

Wells -- I was driving to work from Minneapolis to church summer camp on June 21, 2007, at approximately 9:45 AM, and glanced up to notice a stationary UFO in front of the light clouds. It was very clear and distinct: silver/gray metallic in color; basic saucer type with a wider ridge around the middle and domed saucer-shape above and below. I could not estimate it's distance or height. The clouds were cirrus and it was fairly low and in front of them.

As soon as I made eye contact it responded by seeming to send out a vapor that formed an artificial cloud around itself. At first I could still see it's shape very distinct inside this 'cloud' as it formed. Then it just disappeared, leaving the 'cloud' which then, more slowly, began to dissolve or dissipate into nothingness.The original clouds that were there stayed the same as they were before the incident. I saw no other cars or trucks on the road at the time. No one at the camp reported seeing anything. I was not frightened nor even surprised - I have been observing such phenomena for many years and we almost always have some sightings during camp season. This one was just unusually near and clear. Thanks to Reverend Evadne Tuxhorn

Michigan Four Orbs in One Flying Object

  Patty Donahue writes, "Here is photo I took, the evening of July 9, 2007, I stepped down onto the porch step, turned towards the south, and as I was ready to snap a picture, I saw this huge brilliant white flash up near the roof, and then this big white energy was coming down towards me...I snapped the photo, and was able to capture it.

Kalamazoo – On June 9, 2007, at 6:25 PM, I was in our pool with eight kids, when we sighted brilliant flickering lights in the NE. It was much bigger than any helium balloons given at parties. It appeared to be 4 circles bound together flashing green and sliver lights individually at almost a mile away. I ran into the house to get my glasses and my camera. It continued a slow ascent away from us to the SE. It would flicker from an almost imperceptible light until it flared up again like a star.

A passing personal jet flew underneath it. I have worked for Cessna and Boeing and spent a lot of time at McConnell AFB. The object was higher than military and commercial aircraft at over 7 miles high. It then reversed course at an extremely slow speed and came back to us until it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center

Missouri Low Flying Triangular Object

Gladstone – On July 2, 2007, at 9:30 PM, the object we saw was a lot brighter than a regular star. It was in the southern sky, two fingers above trees. After watching we realized, it was actually three in a triangular shape, one at the top, two on bottom. There was a red light near the lower right light periodically coming on and off. We decided to get the binoculars and saw it move slightly up and down and left to right. It looked like it was changing shapes. When I first used the binoculars it was extremely bright. It was triangular shaped with red lights.

Investigator's Notes: This sighting is unusual in that the witness says that the object changed shapes. The triangular shape is quite common in sighting reports, but objects that appear to change shapes is not common. Given current information I have no explanation for what was observed. Thanks to Bill Plunkett UFOS Northwest

Nevada UFOs Near the Moon Photo


 Pahrump -- This picture was taken from our back yard in Pahrump, Nevada on June 3, 2004, between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM. We used a Magpix 350 digital camera. My husband and I were taking pictures of birds, clouds, and the moon. The unexplained images showed up only after we downloaded the seven pictures. There were three craft in the photos. The photo above shows a UFO flying over Mt. Charleston.   

 Investigator's Notes: The objects in this photo are very unusual in that they have unusual color (purple/violet, magenta) and tails (or contrails) with the same color. I have not seen other photos of objects with these colors. Perhaps there is a conventional explanation, but I am not aware of any natural process that would cause this phenomenon. It is quite noteworthy that neither witness saw anything unusual. I do know that trace gases used to evaluate pollutant transport can have this type of color. However, I wouldn't expect any party to be conducting tests in this area which is not known for air pollution problems. Pahrump is located to the south of Nellis Air Force Base. Therefore one could speculate that these colored objects could be representative of military testing. The photos were taken with a binocular camera so this could be the reason that the witness did not see anything unusual when taking the photos. Thanks to Bill Plunkett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey Flying Triangle

ATLANTIC City -- I was driving with my grandfather going to his shore house in the summer of 2004, when I saw a triangle shaped UFO about 25' above the roof of an old house at 9:30 PM. There were three lights in a triangle. As we drove past I lost sight of it as it went behind the trees. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Cylinder Photo


Rochelle -- I have many experiences one from about four years ago a missing time experience lead me to try to find more finally about it, your site has been very useful because you have in your files stories of sightings from Rochelle NY and surroundings were I had this very strange experience coming back from Canada in a Yukon truck which made me lose a friend whom was unable to deal with it . His brother and I saw a gigantic black triangle pass over North Bergen NJ, in 2000, a few miles from Manhattan. This photo is a close up of the object from the sequence of four pictures. Thanks to Diego Bribisesca

North Carolina Two Objects

Carolina Beach -- On July 4, 2007 at 9:45 PM, two lights, very bright at first appeared to be two jets in formation. They did not make any noise and appeared to be going very fast at high altitude. The one on the right zig zagged about three times and then they both turned 90 degrees up, and were gone. This could be 2 planes but the movements were incredible. Thanks for listening to my two cents worth. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Rockingham -- About two weeks ago I came home to a crowd gathered in the street in Cordova. Children and adults were saying that they had seen an object darting across the sky that had multicolored lights around it. I told them the military had been conducting maneuvers earlier in the day and it was probably related to that. I said: "Maybe its a test flight of the sky car". The adults were adamant that they had seen a UFO. On July 2, 2007, at 10 PM, I came home to the same scenario. This time one of the kids got a video camera but was unsuccessful in capturing an image. They all saw a triangular object with multicolored lights (three blue-green lights on top) darting horizontally in the sky. The object disappeared and then reappeared to eventually fade behind the horizon of trees.

Investigator's Notes: According to the witness several people (both adults and kids) saw this object. Apparently the same type of object had been sighted two weeks prior to this sighting. Given available information I have no explanation for what the witnesses observed. Thanks to Bill Plunkett UFOS Northwest

Ohio Video of Craft


  FOSTORIA — George Ritter is taking VHS video of flying objects in his backyard. This object was captured June 28, 2007, ascending from the ground up just above the trees of the video. Thanks to George Ritter.

Oregon Cylinder

Portland -- On June 23, 2007, at 8:35 PM, I was sitting on my bed, when I saw a white point of light and grabbed my binoculars to observe a long cylindrical object like a pipe or a pencil. I also noted what appeared to be three bulbous protrusions along the length of the object, spaced apart from each other by one-third of the total length of it. It drifted slowly towards the south. It is identical to the one from the Portland video on your web site from a few months ago.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has provided his report in explicit detail. He is not claiming that he saw a UFO, but also reported a sighting on March 12, 2007. Given the characteristics described by the witness I don't know what he saw. It was not a weather balloon. Thanks to Bill Plunkett UFOS Northwest

South Carolina Flying Triangle

Myrtle Beach – At 10:24 PM, we saw a bright glowing triangular object with a red flash moving erratically on June 10, 2007. It was a bright yellow orange object hovering but moving slightly in all directions. It had a faint reddish flash flickering on its side. The light faded out several times but then reappears strongly. It slowly dropped below horizon over 30 minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center

Texas Disc Fireworks

I was in the parking lot of a mall in the bed of a pickup wafting with my camera for a fireworks show that started at 9:30. Sometimes I see a light at night I think is a star or satellite, but it looks like it changes shape from my eyes view. I noticed something similar and thought since I had my camera I would take pictures to see if anything happened when I was able to get a closer look.

The object appeared as a bright light that grew and shortened. I used the zoom on the camera and took picture after picture only for a few seconds, but I saw the light for about ten minutes. I lost sight of the object because I took my attention away. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia UFOs Photographed Near Airliner


On July 4, 2007, I was on the front porch taking random pictures of the sky knowing that UFO's like to frequent the area around airliners. I got 13 images in all but I am only posting three images for now. The UFOs showed up when zoomed in on my PC. I am convinced that the black orbs or disks that I am seeing, are actually only part of what we're able to see due to various patterns in the area around them. Its almost as if the rest of a huge craft is cloaked.  

Some are actually miles wide. Nothing else could explain the various straight lines and angles I see when zooming in at various resolutions. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Crop Circle and UFOs


 Wilbur -- On Sunday, July 1, 2007, NUFORC received a telephone call from a resident of Lincoln County, apprising us that on June 29, he had learned of the existence of a crop formation. We quickly made confirming calls, and thanks to Mr. Greg Leyva, spray pilot and manager of the Wilbur Airport, Peter Davenport was in the air at 2:30 PM on July 1st, to inspect and photograph the formation from the air. My co-investigator was Mr. Michael Heit, a friend and fellow resident of Harrington, where NUFORC is based.

The formation is 150 feet in width and length. The stalks of grain are laid down flat against the ground, oriented in counter-clockwise swirls in the central ring, and in the eight outlying circles. We have received an unconfirmed report that a resident of the area was witness to a bright flash of light on Thursday night in the area of the formation. Also, we have been apprised that another resident of the area succeeded in photographing with his cell phone camera a peculiar object that he witnessed hovering near him. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Greg Leyva, and Michael Heit.

OCEAN SHORES -- Barbara writes, "What a great pictures of the Mars landscape! Those "Tunnel- Like " structures should raise a few eyebrows... I am a little jealous about the other folks you report about who were fortunate enough to have a cameras handy to take pictures when they saw UFOs. I have seen "TOO many myself and sad to Pictures. I see up--close and personal strange lights.. like several elongated "gold" window shaped lights.. "floating over a dark church parking lot at 3 AM. It's 100 feet wide with a bright blinding red light.. floating for half an hour across the freeway. Keep up the Good Work . Sincerely Barbara.

Canada UFOs Over Power Plant

Pickering, Ontario – I am hesitant to make a report like this but the object I observed over the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station that was very similar to one reported over the station by other people, so it made me realize that I wasn't the only one who thought that this object was a bit odd. I presently work at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station near Toronto and I witnessed the object described over the station by others on the FILER'S FILES # 26 - 2007 report. 

I usually arrive at around 6 AM, and have breakfast in the cafeteria before going to work. My first sighting of the object happened on the morning of June 25, 2007. I was leaving the security building to enter the administration building when I glanced up to see an object that seemed rectangular in shape. The object was fixed in a horizontal position hanging over the back of the turbine auxiliary bay on the A side of the building.

What caught my attention was that it was something I had never noticed from that location before and because it was so perfectly stationary I stopped walking to take a better look. At first I was thinking that it may have been part of the superstructure on the top of the building as it was so immobile. After thinking about it for a few moments, I concluded that it must be part of the building and it was connected by a guide wire or something. I dismissed the original sighting as being irrelevant and went inside and quickly forgot about it.

Around 9 AM, I had to go to the Screen House building located toward Lake Ontario. After walking from the Screen House going west I looked up and saw the same object again and this time it was a bit higher and slightly west of the vacuum building structure. The top of the vacuum building is about 200 feet and this was about 200 to 300 feet above it. I watched it for about five minutes and it did not move. It was absolutely stationary and that is the reason I stood there watching it. In my mind no objects in flight are so stationary and that is the reason it caught my attention. After watching it for a bit I saw a friend of mine and I pointed it out to him. His analysis was that it maybe a kite being flown from Frenchman's Bay, to the west of the plant. I was somewhat inclined to agree with him and went back into the plant to continue my work.

Later on in the morning I walked out to the back of the plant and it was gone. I searched the sky and to my amazement I saw it again. It had changed locations. This time it was situated over the cooling water inflow behind the vacuum building structure at about even with its height (around 200 feet). I watched it for a couple of minutes.

Later on in the afternoon around 2 PM, I walked back out again to see it in the same place behind the vacuum building structure. It had not moved. I again wrote it off as explainable since it reminded me of a surveillance drone observing plant activities. In retrospect I should have informed security. The object was dark and rectangular and may have been the size of a 45 gallon drum. It was positioned horizontally not vertically. I don't make any claims that this was not a man made object but its behavior was quite peculiar. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Editor’s Note: PICKERING , Ontario– UFOs have been seen regularly in the area for many years. UFOs were seen on June 10, June 14, near the power plant and over Lake Ontario on June 20, at 11:30 PM, and June 25. 2007,

OSHAWA -- About the June 22, 2007 sighting posted on Filer’s # 27. First, I made an error and realized the UFO was moving south-over Lake Ontario. Please note, there was a "second" pea of light, witnessed to the west with the naked eye. The pictures taken did not reveal that one. I also wanted you to know that Oshawa is situated between two Nuclear Power Plants. The Pickering Plant is about 25 km's west from, Oshawa/Whitby with the Darlington Nuclear Plant 15 km's east in the Township of Bowmanville. That might very well explain the high activity here and between these areas along Lake Ontario. I'm speculating they are being monitored in interest, for more reasons than one. Paul Shishis  

Ancaster, Ontario -- We saw the object move from the intersection of Garner Road and Highway # 2 on June 29, 2007, at 4:30 PM.. The object seems to appear and disappear and has some kind of field around it. The large LCD viewer on my Panasonic digital camera is broken so I just aimed my camera and I only managed to get a small clip of it. This was all I caught from the sighting. The object disappears and reappears. This is no plane. Notice the dark field around the object. Object was only visible for about 10 seconds in the video on the southwest side of Lake Ontario.

Investigator's Notes: The witness apparently had a better view of the object than the video shows. He said that the object was no airplane and had no wings. It is difficult to say what the object in this video is. . Thanks to Bill Plunkett

GLACE BAY, NOVA SCOTIA -- On June 30, 2007, at 10:45 PM, I was scanning the sky with my nephew, because over the last 7 months I have seen strange flying objects on a regular basis. One month ago I watched a very bright orange ball of light around 11:40 PM, move very slowly straight across the sky at 30,000 feet. Then it accelerated and climbed out of sight in a steep a climb faster than any aircraft.

I was hoping to show my nephew one and he spotted two very bright balls of light side by side flying towards us at 33,000 feet. They slowed down and reversed their direction and flew out of sight. I'm pretty sure the G-forces would crush a human pilot. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

SUMMERLAND, BC -- I was driving home from Penticton on July 1, 2007 at about 2 AM, almost to Peachland when I saw a streak across the sky at an ungodly rate of speed. There was no trail behind the object, so it was unlikely a meteor. It was about the size of a road lamp. So it must have been absolutely huge to be as far away. It looked as solid as the hot dog I'm eating right now, which leads me to believe that this is a viable sighting. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research The Vike Report UFO Eyewitness Interviews On MP 3

Chile Lake Disappears Due to Crack in Earth

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Scientists said that a lake in southern Chile that mysteriously disappeared last month developed a crack which allowed the water to drain away. A buildup of water opened a crack in an ice wall along one side of the lake. Water flowed through the crack into a nearby fjord and from there into the sea, leaving behind a dry lake-bed littered with icebergs, scientists told Chilean state television on Tuesday. "It looks like it's slowly filling up with water again," said Andres Rivera, a glacier expert who headed a team which recently flew over the lake in a bid to solve the mystery. The lake is situated in the Magallanes region in Patagonia and is fed by melt-water from glaciers. Earlier this year it had a surface area of 4 to 5 hectares (10-12 acres) -- about the size of 10 soccer fields. Rivera said the incident was evidence of the effects of global warming.

Columbia UFO Reported

PASTO - NARINO --Experts at the Observatorio Astronomico of the Universidad de Nariño are analyzing the images they managed to take at a distance in excess of 500 kilometers and which appear to show an "unidentified flying object." This was confirmed to Caracol Radio by the director of the Pasto-based research facility, Alberto Quijano Vodniza, who explained that the UFO was photographed by one of the teams and remained within the atmosphere for one hour.

The astronomer noted that he doesn't dare suggest that the object is a spaceship from another galaxy, but it is a rather strange body that is not commonly seen. He added that the optical equipment will be in place again tonight in an effort to observe the phenomenon again. Thanks to "Caracol" (Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU.

Egypt UFOs Filmed


CAIRO -- Dr. Wahid Ibrahim reports on March 22, 2007, he videotaped flying saucers over the Nile River that separated for final destinations. The tape lasted for an hour and twenty minutes. Various stills from the tape are shown above. Thanks to Dr. Ibrahim.

Italy Dozens of UFO Sightings

We double checked most of the dozens of sightings reported on June 19, and 21, 2007, accounting of two star-like UFOs (one bigger than the other) moving in formation. It seems that the sightings could be easily associated to the pass of the ISS and Shuttle Mission except maybe for a couple of sightings that still remains inexplicable according to what the witness said. To check for ISS and Shuttle positions go to: Thanks to

UK/England Photo Thing with Spikes


colwich – On July 6, 2007, I was driving to Hixon near Stafford when I saw this really bright 'disc' with thousands of spikes lit in blinding white light shooting out and spread out like a flower petals! Stunned! by what it could be I really looked hard and it started to rise so that I couldn't see the spikes anymore and there was like a disc in the middle with a sort of upside down dome beneath. It seemed to have lights like windows. There was a piercing light on the underneath in the shape of a huge '+' sign. The dome shape sort of dropped down into a spike which was glowing like molten metal at a forge!

I switched on the camera as the thing started to rise amazingly fast but it did appear on the picture above the clouds. I drove on a bit scared and stopped at the petrol station and these two blokes in pinstripes suits are like "ay mate did you see that weird thing in the sky? What do you think it was?" and one of them grabs my arm, and jokes "talk about thing out there and people will think you're crazy" My kid brother says, I should post the picture to in case anything happens!  

Brighton, Sussex – I have seen many discs, cylinders, and small orbs in the past but on May 18, 2007, at 2 AM, the shape of the craft changed from an orb in an instant to a triangle with many more strobe lights directly in front of me. The craft was about the size of my thumb and moved very slowly. It sounded like a Gale force wind. The craft had an unusually large cloud behind it and its lights were vertical and gold/white. These lights took up a lot of the space on the side and rear of the craft. It stopped over the house at the end of my street and became an orb again. I went into my garden and two of these triangle vehicles appeared. Flying in an arc towards the north they seemed to disappear in the same location as the first. They simply returned to small orbs and remained in sight until 6 AM. I have been visited since the age of four and I am now 39 years old. They scan me with transparent translucent conical beams that swing pendulum over area until it hits my window. The visitors are not evil they are good and are from planets that make the crop circles that are so famous in the UK. They communicate via thought projection and are concerned for our well being. They have never harmed me. Many of my reports are at: Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research  

SELKIRK, SCOTLAND -- Michael Irving writes, "This is a photograph of the sky above Selkirk, Borders County, Scotland, three craft, by unusual, bridge-shaped cloud. Its very strange that some/many of the people doing important work to try to help the world take a better course are having such a hard time financially. Maybe there is a thing about money that money is a thing which those who are most involved the system tend to have a lot of, because the oil and power of the system is money. And what we are doing is working in areas which the system at its heart, i.e. mega-rich financiers, are against.

I recall hearing that most of the ET races do NOT have monetary systems, because they can produce everything they need. I always thought was a key reason for the cover-up. Because if ET connected with us, and we found out they don't use money, humanity would call for similar circumstances. Keep up the good work, You are helping change the world for the better. . Thanks to Michael Irving

Norwegian Conference

Seventh Euro SSE Meeting, which is open to

public. Paul Devereux will speak about Earth Lights Thanks to [email protected] Oestfold College, Remmen, 1757 Halden, Norway  /

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