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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

FILERíS FILES # 13 - 2007
Mar 28, 2007, 16:07

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X-15 jet Pilots saw UFOs in 1960s

On July 17, 1962, Major Robert White reported a UFO during his fifty-eight-mile high flight of an X-15 jet aircraft, that technically made him an astronaut.. Major White reported: "I have no idea what it could be. It was grayish in color and about thirty to forty feet away." Then according to a Time Magazine article, Major White exclaimed over the radio: "There ARE things out there! There absolutely is!"

On May 11, 1962, NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Joseph Walker said: "I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight!" - Editor's Note: To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing. Thanks to Steve Wingate at [email protected]

Cartwheel Galaxy

A collision of two galaxies has created a surprisingly recognizable shape on a cosmic scale. The CARTWHEEL is part of a group of galaxies about 400 million light years away in the constellation Sculptor (two smaller galaxies in the group are visible below and left). Its rim is an immense ring-like structure over 100,000 light years in diameter, composed of star forming regions filled with massive stars. This ring-like shape is the result of gravitational disruption caused by a smaller galaxy passing through a large one, compressing the interstellar gas and dust and causing a star formation wave to move out like a ripple across the surface of a pond.

Our Earth is like a grain of sand in the universe.

Does Heaven Exist?

Vicki's Mother writes, "My daughter insists that she is taken to heaven fairly regularly by several large angels." She claims to have seen God and his Son Jesus and their throne. We started watching and she does strangely disappear only to appear again just as suddenly claiming to have been to heaven.

A Lady writes from California, the experiences that Vicki tells are very similar to my own. I was involved in a serious auto accident when I was twenty. My face and body were badly scared and I had lost all hope for life and was seriously considering suicide when I was taken to heaven by angels. I was shown that beauty is only skin deep and that I could accomplish a great deal in this world, which frankly I'm proud to say I have. I understand Derrell Simms and others feel theses are aliens, but they are angels to me. Perhaps they are really the same beings, depending on your prospective.

Ancient Olmecs Had Celestial Navigation Formulas

Astronaut Gordon Cooper in his book "A Leap of Faith" tells the reader his strong views on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and even the distinct possibility, that we have already had contact." His photographic team at Edwards Air Force Base photographed a landing of a disk craft. Astronaut Gordon Cooper in his book states, "During my final years with NASA, "I became involved in a different kind of adventure: undersea treasure hunting in Mexico." One day, accompanied by a National Geographic photographer, we landed in a small plane on an island in the Gulf of Mexico; local residents pointed out pyramid-shaped mounds, where they found ruins, artifacts and bones. On examination back in Texas, the artifacts were determined to be 5,000 years old! "When we learned of the age of the artifacts," Cooper writes, "we realized that what weíd found had nothing to do with seventeenth-century Spain. I contacted the Mexican government and was put in touch with the head of the National Archaeology Department, Pablo Bush Romero." Together with Mexican archeologists the two went back to the site.

After some excavating, Cooper writes, "The age of the ruins was confirmed at 3000 B.C. Compared with other advanced civilizations, relatively little was known about the Olmecs who made large statues of their faces that appear they came from the Black Africa race." Gordon Cooper writes, "Engineers, farmers, artisans, and traders, the Olmecs had a remarkable civilization. But it is still not known where they originated. Among the findings that intrigued me most: that, when translated, turned out to be mathematical formulas used to this day for navigation, and accurate drawings of constellations, some of which would not be officially Ď discoveredí until the age of modern telescopes. "It was this, rather than his experiences as an astronaut, that triggered Gordon Cooperís "Leap of faith": "This left me wondering: Why have celestial navigation signs if they werenít navigating celestially?" And he asks: "If Ďsomeoneí had helped the Olmecs with this knowledge, from whom did they get it?" Thanks to Gordon Cooper Chapter 11 "A Leap of Faith"

Editor's Note: The Olmecs apparently came from Africa and settled in Mexico thousands of years ago. The Dogon tribe claims to have had extraterrestrial contact with aliens.

California Wild Birthday Party!!

Lake Shastina -- We were up high on a hill overlooking Mount Shasta and were taking photos of my father's house across the lake with our camera phone. Days later when I went to review the photos, I discovered an unknown object in photo. I am trying to have the photo taken off my camera to have it scanned. I believe if this is to be true maybe the first photo of a UFO that cannot be altered since it is on a camera phone. We have one close up photo and one far away photo. UFO Event: caught at unknown time on January 7, 2007. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pilot UFO Sighting --I am sending some pictures that I took on Saturday, March 10, 2007 that appear to be of an unidentified craft. I was out in the back yard at 3:50 PM, when I noticed this white-luminous object moving slowly southwards along the eastern horizon. I took a series of pictures of the craft as it moved just above the tree line towards the east of my home. It was very bright and seemed to be spherical to my unaided eye. I knew right away that this was not an airplane. Its shape was pearl-like, perhaps slightly oval. The craft stayed on a steady southward course, then began to move west as it entered some clouds. I then lost sight of it in the clouds. Conditions: Partly cloudy, brisk winds out of the NW 15 - 20 mph,.

SACRAMENTO -- On March 20, 2007, around 3 PM my friend (Scott) came to visit my roommate Charlie and I greeted him out in the front yard. And thatís when we observed a bright ball of light moving around a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm was approaching us slowly from the north. The clouds were dark, so the UFO was easy to see about half a mile away. The object did maneuvers acended and descended. It flew figure eights as Charlie went inside to grab our cameras and take eleven pictures and I got a little over a minute of footage with my camcorder. The UFO flew northwest out of our view.

We only saw that one ball of light but the camera picked up activity only 50 feet away. The first object is a streak of a ROD moving so fast its hard to catch. It looks very similar to a. The second is a ball of light that descends from the top of the screen and seems to go into the ground. The 3rd and 4th objects seem to fly in formation together off in the distance. And the 5th object is the one that did the figure 8's which got our attention to take pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SACRAMENTO -- Jeff Challender writes, "On Friday March 23, 2007, I was 54 years old. I was watching TV on my birthday when my wife came running in a high state of excitement, and told me to come outside right NOW! Our son Max had spotted a UFO at 9:20 PM! There, in the sky, low over the houses 15į above the horizon, was a UFO! Its position was a half-kilometer distant varied from due west; to northwest was literally dancing about in the air. It was soundless and bright blue-white. My wife rushed to get the camcorder, and once I got it started, continued to video tape this thing for twenty minutes! I can barely describe the excitement. We watched this thing perform the most impossible maneuvers. It moved behind trees, returned and went behind the trees again. I hobbled up the street to follow it at one point, and it returned to its previous position, as if toying with me. So I went back to my chair on our lawn, and sat down. I "told" it I could not, and would not, chase it again and that it had better stay in sight for me or I wouldn't continue to film it. I said these things half tongue in cheek, but the thing seemed to respond! It DID come out from behind the trees, and stay there! It continued to bob up and down, and flit from side to side. Right after I told it to DO SOMETHING, it brightened considerably and performed a "fish hook" maneuver!


It dipped "behind" the neighbor's garage. My wife said, "Oh, don't go away!" After a moment or two, it came back up! It stunted some more, finally going back DOWN behind the same garage. It didn't return. The film is incredible. We couldn't sleep until well after midnight. Must have watched the tape a half-dozen times last night. Can't wait to get into the full analysis, with enlargements and speed manipulation. In the end, I'll have a 30 to 45 minute production detailing the entire event on DVD. Max saw the object first. He says it was here Wednesday night, and hovered directly over our house for a time. So this thing was here twice in three days. Our local MUFON field investigator came Sunday to take down my formal report. Thanks to Jeff Challender

Florida Flying Triangle

Jacksonville --My boyfriend and I were using our telescope looking at Jupiter on March 22, 2007. He asks me: "Do you want to see something really cool?" In the opposite direction through the telescope, we both witnessed a white light moving down with rapid speed and staggering slightly left to right. I ran around the house to get a better look, but lost sight of the object. My boyfriend said after I ran around the front of the house that the object moved swiftly to the far right and then far left and disappeared into the horizon.

Investigator's Notes: I have been unable to reach the witness to obtain more information about the sighting. It is difficult to say what the witnesses saw until more information is obtained.

Illinois Several UFO Sightings

Chicago -- I was running late for work on March 5, 2007, and just missed my train and was facing an open lot behind the station at 5:56 PM, when I saw a round, brightly lit ball just sitting in the sky. I soon realized that it wasnít a plane because it wasn't moving. This object seemed to be a ball that was illuminated all over. Then I looked further east and saw two other objects that were identical to the first. They were in a perfectly straight line about 50 to 75 feet apart. Suddenly the first object headed west faster than a jet while the other objects stayed in position. Thirty seconds later my train arrived at 6:02 PM. I got on the train and looked out the window, and kept looking and noticed two objects had not flown off. I saw that even though this one was the furthest away from me, it was brightly lit and looked identical to those others, and it was next in the diagonal line, and it too just sat there in the sky as well. My train headed to downtown and I continued to see the objects until they were blocked by buildings.

Heading for home four hours later I saw perhaps two objects, and one resembled a saucer, that had layers. The top layer was full of deep burgundy lights and so was the bottom one, that were very dull and nearly blended into the dark sky. But the center layer was bright, bright white and framed by rectangles. It hovered and rocked a little and disappeared. I arrived at my apartment at 10:35 PM. About ten minutes later, I noticed a blinking object to the west and much higher with a really large object traveling maybe 30 miles above that with a bright light attached underneath it. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Michigan Lights/One Elongated/Oval

MUFON,s Pattie Donahue's photo of possible UFO taken February 2006.

Hell -- In the evening hours, at dusk for the last two months a brilliant bright star appears in the western skyr. I watch for it at about 25 degrees to begin with, and then it will move to about 40 degrees in the western sky. Eight of us assumed it was a brilliant planet, but it is not stationary or in the same area of the sky each night. It basically hovers and will slowly descend or ascend or move slightly toward magnetic north, and back. I have seen it move away or fade into the WNW twice. I observe this "star" with binoculars. It seems to have a teal or blue green tinge to it.

Along with this object orange or red-ish orange satellites approach the light from all directions. Twice I counted seven smaller, different sized objects in the sky. Using binoculars the orange-ish lights blink out and reappear in a different spot. The flashing lights disperse around the larger object like they are moving in and out of a veil. The smaller lights merge into one another, or meet and one just disappears. I see an oval display of blue/white lights, definitely undetectable without binoculars, spinning at a specific distance.

On March 17, I watched a blueish/green/white light approaching just above the tree line moving due south and descending behind the trees. Behind the trees it elongated vertically and within a minute a second followed into the tree line disappeared. The first could be seen pulsating for thirty minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike at [email protected]

Missouri Triangular Lights near Whiteman Air Force Base

Clinton -- While driving from Clinton to Kansas City on Highway 7 on March 7, 2007, my friend and I witnessed a very very bright set of lights in the northwestern sky 12:45 AM. They were triangular in shape. I asked my friend what it was and neither of us could figure it out. We leaned forward in the car watching the light which was stationary only a couple hundred feet off of the ground. As we got close to the light it suddenly blinked out, and the sky just went black. There was no sound what so ever and no trail left of any kind. Suddenly a low flying plane came out of the north headed to the area where the lights were. It circled around the area and headed back towards Whiteman. We have never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport .

New Jersey Disc and Triangle

Bound Brook -- Richard Bondira reports, "In May 1982, I had a close up day light sighting of a huge, classic disc shaped UFO. Four of my neighbors also saw it. I was living at 55 Normandy Dr. Piscataway, N.J. at 8 PM the sky was still bright. I went out to our backyard to watch the sunset when I noticed a small object in the sky coming from west to east, paralleling the power lines. It was coming directly towards me and as it grew larger, I could see that it was in the classic shape of a flying saucer and was metallic silver in color. It came almost directly overhead and was at least 100 feet in diameter.

When it was nearly overhead, about 350 yards at its closest point to me; it made a 90 degree turn and went north gaining in altitude as it went. Four of my neighbors came out and saw the saucer, and were amazed at what they saw.The house is under major airways and at any given time there are jets in the sky. On this occasion the sky was oddly empty except for a private plane and the UFO was over twice the length of the plane. Richard sent this drawing of the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Triangular Craft 

Ironton -- I live in Huntington, WV and I have had ongoing sightings and abductions since I was about five years old. Whatever is going on seems to be escalating or accelerating and I feel something very good is going to happen soon. I took these first set of pictures on March 16, 2007, at 10:30 AM in Ironton, Ohio. 

It was rainy and very overcast day as I took the photos of a pulsing white hot football shaped light with a disposable CVS camera. I first thought it was a fire. The second picture was taken by a friend with his digital sports binoculars on March 2, 2007. I have had many very lucid and vivid dreams. My recent sightings started at work on Feb 2, at about 8 pm every evening. The security guard noticed it with me on Feb 23, and three coworkers saw it again with me on Feb 27, between 8 to 8:15 pm. I quit my job because I kept hearing a voice calling me outside in my head. Also My girlfriend and I had a sighting together on March 3, at 12:45 AM. Sincerely Joe

Oregon Video of Saucer

Portland -- I just saw the video from the March sighting and I saw the same object on March 12, 2007 from the OHSU campus around 4:30 PM. My sighting lasted about eight minutes and it isn't the first time that I have seen this same object. I also saw it this past fall in the same area. I spoke with a friend who works with a government agency and he said there was no military activity on either days and there have been many witnesses. On March 19, 2007, there were UFOs over Sherwood, at 12:30 AM as well. They were visible until three fighters came racing into the scene along with a helicopter and scared the lights off, but they came back at a higher altitude and finally went straight up and out of sight.

Investigator's Notes: The witness saw the video posted on this website that was taken in the Portland, Oregon area in March of 2007 He related that this is the same object that he saw on March 12, 2007 (Click here to view video.). The video is evidence that these objects are being sighted over the Portland on a recurring basis. In addition the witness stated that he sighted the same type of object in the fall of 2006. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Tennessee Case Highlights for March

Kim Shaffer MUFON Tennessee State Director writes, "These cases that have been investigated stand out as exceptional. "

Maryville -- The witness, a former Marine and navy veteran (a trained observer), reported to CMS that he saw something quite extraordinary. Having just exited his house, he notices a DC 10 departing McGee Tyson . His attention was on the aircraft when he noticed more "aircraft" further up in the sky. A commercial "heavy" was at altitude and leaving a condensation trail and heading west. Much further below the heavy, a featureless cylinder shaped object was crossing the sky. The witness described the object as a "cigarette butt" at arm's length and slightly constricted in diameter in the center, almost a slight barbell shape. It crossed the sky but never deviated from its straight line path. This witness was adamant that the object had "no wings" and made no noise.

Mufresseboro -- The witness in this case is a housewife/mother who was watching her daughter ride a 4-wheeler when she saw something out of the corner of her eye moving across the sky. She looked up and almost "died" as a cigar shaped object was slowly moving across the sky. The object was metallic and looked like "tarnished stainless steel". The object picked up speed slightly and leveled out to show that it was in fact a disc shaped object. It was "soccer ball" sized at arm's length... As the object maneuvered, it was joined by an identical disc which began circling, joined and moved away in an instant. This witness thought everyone who saw a UFO was delusional, until now. The witness was quite credible and a former employee of the Air Force at Arnold Engineering. Thanks to: Kim Shaffer 423-878-2095 [email protected]

Virginia Cylinder

Waterford-- I witnessed a bright light in the sky over Waterford city on March 1, 2007, fitting the exact description of an earlier sighting posted back in 30/4/03. I was alerted to this light in the sky by a close family member who has witnessed this light on more than one occasion. Illustration of sighting.

It appeared to be softly changing colors, first white, then green, red and back to white again and it wasn't in a fixed location. It was low enough on the horizon and it was a clear dark night. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Washington Boomerang Shaped Objects

Ellensburg -- I was sitting watching TV when something caught my eye outside in the sky through the window at University Way on March 7, 2007. It was a large triangle/boomerang shape very low, with blinking white lights, and moving very strangely towards the southeast. I watched it pass over my house, and continue slowly towards the southeast. There was no sound at all. Suddenly it dropped even lower and changed direction toward the north until it was blocked from my sight by buildings. I called the police but no one had reported anything. It flew right over the streets at very low altitude, but it was definitely flying too low, too slow, and too quietly for any type of plane or aircraft I know of. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Bothell -- Travis Family writes, "My husband and I have been visitors to Jame's Ranch for almost a year. Each time we visit we see different shaped craft traveling in various locations and directions and heights. This, combined with a beautiful serene Milky Way, mountain and very down to earth host, always makes a perfect night for stargazing. "On March 16, 2007, James joined us in the field. The first craft was high up in the atmosphere and moved quickly. I spotted two more in the same general area moving east to west. My husband's was easily able to see these objects even with poor night vision . We saw at least 15 objects within the first hour. and unstable high altitude discs moved across the sky.

Note: After our first visit to the ranch we went home to try to prove these objects were man-made. I work for an aerospace company my husband is a county worker; and we found nothing that explained these objects. The past three times I have seen shadow objects which block out chunks of stars. I see what looks like a giant fish bowl of activity unlike what I see in the stars near my home. James immediately pointed out two low flying triangular objects to the west of us that were lower than the flight path of the Portland Airport. Ten minutes later we saw a big triangular craft disappear. It looked like a big white explosion with flicks of blue, it was so big it illuminated my husband and the field and it fell like a waterfall for 3-4 seconds. I can tell you. The only way to understand what we saw is to come here and see for yourself. Thanks to the Travis's

Australia Half Circular Object

Mandurah Ė A large half circular object with small orange dotted lights at the straight ends of the half circle was spotted on February 2, 2007, at 2:18 AM east of Mandurah. Other small white and colored lights around the circular part of object were observed in Western Australia. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Canada Sightings Continue with Object Close to Car

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan --

Here is a picture of something that might be a rod UFO or could it be something else taken on March 9, 2007 at Heavenly Health, whatever it is, it sure caught my imagination. This happened a few weeks ago. We didn't see this object with our naked eye. Photo © 2007 Dieter Braun. Thanks to Brian Vike, Listen to the Vike report radio show on Innerstreams network Sunday (12am eastern, 9 pm Pacific

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia -- It was the night of March 10, 2007, my best friend and I were sitting in his car waiting to go on a school-organized trip at around 2:10 AM. While sitting in the car my friend pointed out a bright white light in what we assumed was a greater distance in comparison to the trees on the lake. After looking at this light for five minutes the passenger window become streaky and slightly fogged. After the streaks were formed we both realized this light was moving and after about ten minutes of the movement of the light we noticed a drastic increase in the speed moving towards us. As it got closer three more lights became visible. The other lights were, a very light blue on the left side, a bright red on the opposite side, and an even brighter white/yellow light on the top which would make it a triangle if it weren't for the other original flashing white light which was flashing slower and in different places making the shape unrecognizable.

When it got close enough to be able to hear an engine I rolled my window down and we started to panic. The object was hovering with a very slight humming sound over the lake. As the object was getting close it moved in a very slight up and down movement towards us. The object was low about as high as a 10-story building. I only got about a 10 second detailed look at it. I am positive that I saw a curve shape that progressively lit up with three different colors, one at a time that faded in the same manor. My friend started the car in fear when the object was flying in our direction. It passed behind the car and but changed directions towards us. We were in fear and my heart was beating incredibly fasts. My friend drove quickly out to the main road and the object was no longer in sight anywhere.

Iran Captures British Sailors

The US Navy is conducting exercises in the Persian Gulf to send a message to Iran to release 15 British sailors captured in Iraqi waters near Iran. The maneuvers that include 15 warships including the carriers USS Dwight Eisenhower and USS John Stennis. The French carrier Charles de Gaulle is also nearby. Reports of heavy air traffic and UFOs in the area continue.

Meanwhile,t he United Nations Security Council voted unanimously March 24, to impose stricter financial penalties as punishment for Iranís refusal to suspend its uranium-enrichment program. It targets 13 organizations, including Iranís central bank and the elite Revolutionary Guard Corps. The resolution came one day after Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval forces seized British personnel in the Persian Gulf, setting off a diplomatic confrontation between Iran and the UK. The US and Britain accuse the Revolutionary Guard of arming the Shia militia in Iraq. These penalties may provide an excuse for military action against Iran. The Russians have pulled their construction engineers out of Iran as pressure mounts both internally and externally on the Iranian regime.

Mexico: UFO Over Airport

Atizapan Airport -- Airliner captain Miguel Hernandez Aguirre informed researcher Alfonso Salazar about the sighting of an UFO in the vicinity of Atizapan Airport in the state of Mexico. The witness was in the company of a flight instructor aboard a Cessna 150 aircraft. They were forced to suspend their take-off when Captain Hernandez saw the descending UFO coming in for a landing, but rather than doing so, it descended into a canyon located at the northern end of the runway.

They were given the green light for take off and passed above the strange metal sphere flying above the canyon. The Cessna rose into the air, conducting its normal flight operations, and they did not see the object again. They cannot recall the exact date in early March 2007.
Captain Hernandez added that on another occasion, during a night flight, he witnessed three red lights flying over a hill adjacent to Atizapan Airport. (Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid, Alfonso Salazar and Capt. M.H.Aguirre)

France TV Discusses Validity of UFOs

Benjamin Kanarek writes, " The French CNES (Centre National d''Etudes Spatiales, or National Space Study Center) has opened their UFO files to the public and available on the internet. CNES is France's national civil space agency since 1962 and its astronauts have flown on both Russian and US spaceflights. The release of reports was announced on national television and they have stated that it is a first in the world. There are 100,000 files available. This event is getting enormous exposure on TV, Radio and the Press.

I was with my girlfriend of eight years watching a very unique and credible program that always uses the "Court Approach" where arguments are given for a subject pro and con. At the introduction of this program the audience voted 47.5 Yes, 52.5 No concerning UFOs. There was a panel of about five or six individuals per side arguing their case. The program is being presented like a court case with a panel for and against the hypothesis. There is a real lawyer representing both sides. The last part of the program, the lawyer for each side presents their conclusions to the audience who decide the verdict based on the evidence presented. Before the arguments were given at the beginning of the program the audience is asked, have ET visited the earth and are they still here: At the end of the program once all of the evidence is presented The results were; 50.9 Yes and 49.1 No. Thanks to Kanarek [email protected].

Ireland Photo

Drogheda --We were out walking on a nice evening on August 5, 2006, with the sun quite low in the sky and the clouds took on a nice glow of sunset pink. I saw this tree that seemed to stand out of the rest and I thought that it would make a good picture. But this object has appeared in it and I have to say we heard and saw absolutely nothing during the moment when the picture was taken. It took me approximately 5 seconds to line up and take the shot. The object clearly has a light side and a dark side which would indicate a curved shape, but there also is no evidence of any tail or wings/rotors that would make you think that it was an aircraft of any type. On zooming in, it looks truly amazing. So, what is this object?? Sorry for the delay in sending this report, I did not know that this site existed... But nevertheless, this is a very real picture. It has not been altered, tampered with or recolored in any way. I cannot identify it. Can anybody help on this one??? Thanks to Phil Chadwick and MUFON CMS

POLAND: Alleged Pulsating UFO Photographed

Sandomierz -- On March 13, 2007, at about 9:30 pm, Marcin Popek saw a strange light in the sky. He stressed that the visible object differed from stars with intensive and pulsating, multicolor lights. He managed to take a photo of the alleged UFO. An object pulsating with multicolor light was positioned on high altitude in the south-western part of the sky, circa 30 degrees over the horizon. In the time of the sightings weather conditions were very good and the sky was clear so the witness was able to compare the object with other visible stars. After several minutes of observation the witness decided to capture the object with his Olympus 510 UZ camera.

During the sighting the object was continuously changing its colors from blue and green to red making it in very rapid motion. The object was three times bigger than other stars visible at the moment, had unusual pulsation and disappeared within ten minutes suddenly . There were no clouds, therefore its disappearance is unexplained. Thanks to NPN -, By: P.Cielebias: "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal",

South Africa Slow Low Flying Saucer

Vereeniging Ė On February 2, 2007, a grey-silver circle shaped object was observed at 9:14 PM, moving very slowly with two bright lights. It was flying very low, not making any noise but caused the dogs to bark but they stopped when it suddenly disappeared. Myself, wife and two sons saw the UFO that, at first looked like a car floating in the air. Thanks to Peter Davenport

UK England Brilliant Blue Light Comes to a Stop

Skelton In Cleveland -- On February 3, 2007, 6:30 PM, I was driving my car with my 18 year old daughter in the passenger seat. We were driving slowly down the road when we both saw a spherical object. Brilliant white in color with a blue tinge falling slowly from the sky. We both thought it was a firework falling from the sky at first, but it then stopped falling. It stopped for a second or two and seemed to pivot upwards. It then just accelerated away upwards at about 45 degrees at a fantastic speed out towards the North Sea and disappeared from view. The whole event didn't last more than ten seconds. The weather conditions were a clear blue sky at dusk, no clouds present where the object was seen. Thanks to Brian Vike

Reading Ė Later on February 3, 2007, at 8:32 PM, the witness was watching TV when he got distracted by some lights outside the window that he thought was a plane about to crash. The object was flashing red and white lights and seemed to come closer. I was looking at a disk or saucer with the lights at the bottom. It flew over our fence and passed one of our apple trees and I could see it passing as crossed our garden diagonally. Our house is in the university area and it's a woody area with big gardens and lots of trees. It wasnít fast at all but I donít know why I got frightened at that moment and I just couldnít take a picture of it. Iím a person who never believed in such stuff but after looking at it, I assume that they do exist. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Scot 'Attacked by Spaceship' Is Dead

Marie Sharp of the Daily Record writes, "The Scot at the center of the only UFO police inquiry in British history has died aged 89." Forestry worker Bob Taylor was 61 when he reported a bizarre encounter with a spaceship which he said happened while he was walking his dog and triggered a criminal investigation into the incident which was treated as assault. Almost 30 years later, police say the case remains open and unsolved. Bob told officers that he had found the craft - a metal sphere, about 20 feet across in Dechmont Woods, Livingston, West Lothian. As he approached it, two smaller spheres, each about 3 feet and with metal spikes sticking from them, dropped down. He said the smaller spheres rolled towards him and attached themselves to his trousers. He described an acrid smell before collapsing unconscious on the ground. When he came round 20 minutes later, he said his head was pounding and he was unable to talk or walk. But as he recovered, he crawled back to his truck and managed to make his way back home. A doctor who examined him found grazes on his leg and under his chin. There was no sign of head injury or any condition which could have caused a blackout. But the heavy trousers he had been wearing were ripped around the ankles.

Police called to the scene reported finding ladder-shaped indentations in the ground where the craft was said to have stood and marks following the path of the mine-like objects. They said they were "completely baffled" by what had happened. The story sparked interest around the world. Dechmont is regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts. He died from bronchial pneumonia last week. Speaking three years ago - on the 25th anniversary of the November 9, 1979, incident - Bob insisted, "I stand by every word of my account." I told it as it happened and it's as clear as yesterday. It is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. "I know what I saw and it looked like a spaceship, a huge flying dome. "I'm not surprised there has been so much interest in it over the years as it was such an incredible thing to happen."


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