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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #43
By George Filer
Oct 18, 2005, 23:11

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Photo thanks to European Space Command

Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most celebrated science fiction authors of our time. He is the author of more than sixty books with more than 50 million copies in print, winner of all the field's highest honors. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, has again managed to upset the apple cart by directly stating what so few in the planetary sciences community are willing to admit: things are not as we have been told regarding our solar system. Surprising many he stated: "I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars. There are some incredible photographs from [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], which to me are pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars! Have a look at them. I don't see any other interpretation.")"

Mars has trilobites

Sir Charles W. Shults III, of Xenotech Research writes, "I have a new web page that details life on Mars and also supports Panspermia theories that some organisms here on Earth were imported from Mars on meteorites." Dr. Shultz has found Mars Rover Opportunity's images of fossil trilobites that match found on Earth". There were more than 500 trilobite species on Earth, so called because their bodies are composed of three lobes or segments. Trilobita are a Paleozoic group of Crustacea thought to have been extinct on Earth since the Carbonferrous age. Their apparent size is 2.5 mm and common features are bilateral symmetry, three lobes or distinct segments. The Mars imager took these multiple small images of trilobites.

When you find the same pattern on different rocks, you have a clue that these rocks might be fossils. When you find that not only is the same pattern present, but it is larger on large specimens and smaller on small specimens, you have support for the idea that it grew with the specimen.

Notice similarity to Earth trilobite

Thanks to NASA/JPL/Cornell/USGS rover arm breaks a tooth from an urchin Thanks to Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B. Xenotech Research The original NASA/JPL image link is here

Radar’s and satellites picking up UFOs

Since September 11, 2001, NORAD fighters have scrambled or diverted from air patrols in the U.S. Northern Command Area of Responsibility more than 2,000 times to respond to possible air threats, and have combined with Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) and air-to-air-refueling aircraft to fly more than 40,000 sorties.

Joe Stefula reports, "Our DSP satellites track the launch of various missiles using various types of sensors but chiefly with Infrared sensors. In addition to the missiles the sensors also are able to pick up unidentified flying objects that are entering and leaving our atmosphere called Fastwalkers." Slower anomalous objects are referred to has Slowwalkers. The DSP satellite system once composed of 18 units in deep space orbit picks up UFO intruders or "Fastwalkers" several times a week. AeroJet General engineer Ron Regehr, helped design the satellites. Insiders report there is a great deal of excitement as the UFOs sometimes trigger the early warning system. Often they are referred to as Uncorrelated Targets indicating they are not in the data base for objects in space.

Radar Problems Cause Long Delays

BOSTON AIRPORT -- Travelers using Logan International Airport may continue to experience delays, as officials are still working on fixing the radar malfunction that has been causing major backups. The problem began Sunday, and some travelers experienced delays of up to five hours Monday, October 11, 2005, according to WCVB-TV in Boston.

The Federal Aviation Administration's radar surveillance system in Merrimack, N.H., has been creating false targets on radar screens, the television station reported. A conflict warning goes on advising of a potential collision, but the problem is caused by a computer glitch that causes the system to detect planes that aren't even there. Monday, Logan air traffic control had to be switched to a backup radar system in Nashua, N.H. All approaching planes had to be kept five miles apart, instead of the usual three causing five hour delays. The computer malfunction has occurred at other airports, according to FAA spokeswoman Arlene Murray.

Editor’s Note – Radars almost daily pick up UFOs causing confusion with operators so the computers are set to not paint high speed targets such as UFOs. Frequently they are seen and videotaped near airports. FAA instructs operators to divert aircraft away from the UFOs..

September UFO Sightings Weather Map

Steve Reichmuth reports, "September 2005 has been the most active time period plotted yet so far since I began plotting since May 2005, with 454 sighting reports from NUFORC and 75 sighting reports from MUFON CMS data bases.

Map commentary shows Anomalous light as *, Triangle craft ^, disk craft <>, Other shapes , Landings L<>, and Entities E,

A MUFON CMS landing was reported in Killeen/Ft. Hood, Texas on September 17, 2005.

(IFO's (Identified Flying Objects) posted for September 22, 2005 (around 19:10 hours) was a brilliant missile launch from Vandenberg AFB, California with sightings reported into the NUFORC and MUFON CMS from San Diego, San Francisco Bay area, Phoenix, western New Mexico, and Rifle, Colorado .

Chicago, Illinois and outlining burrows in the last week of September and into October has experienced some 40 plus reports within a small 50 mile square area! Similar activity (and similar objects) occurred in Cleveland, Ohio in July 2005.

The Chicago sighting flap is centered within Tinley Park, Orland Park, Orland Hills, Oak Forest, Lemont, Wheaton, Chicago Heights, Aurora, all within a few miles of each other, all just west of Chicago, Illinois. Alberta, Canada, and Ohio River Valley states shows activity. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth

Northern California Mufon SSD- Alameda/Contra Costa Co. ""skip

California huge flying triangle

MILPITAS -- My fiancé and I saw a very large triangle directly through our moon roof this spring. We just finished a dinner about 9:45 PM, We had to sit and wait for the RXR going by and we opened the sunroof! This huge triangle was black-matching with the night sky except we could see three red lights at each corner…As it went by-there was no sound, but it was flying at less than 300 feet altitude and bigger than two football fields long.

We saw one back in December 10, 1994. I went to the backyard, and saw seven little triangles slip into the Milpitas Mountains. They went like little toys falling out of something. The big triangle had disappeared. Maybe it crashed or just blended with the night sky and that’s why we could not see it. Thanks to Sharon.

EAST OF MODESTO -- On my way to work in the mornings I have been seeing some unusual activity over the Sierras. At 7:20 AM, on October 12, 2005, when I noticed several jets moving south and north over the mountains. Then I saw a brilliant crescent-like object that was about 35 degrees above the horizon. The jets seemed to be skirting near the UFO. The crescent object flew higher.

Suddenly, a spherical UFO shot out of the crescent-like object and flew up. As the sphere moved upwards, the crescent stopped moving, and began to fade away until you could no longer see it. The sphere moved up until it looked like a bright star, then it gradually faded. On October 14, 2005, I decided to take my camera with me and I took some interesting pictures.

Colorado orbs

Dr. Bruce Maccabee writes, "If the pictures are taken at night using a flash the "orb images" might very well be caused by reflection from tiny dust particles in the air close to the camera lens. Orbs that are seen at night without flash, i.e., orbs that are sources of light (not just reflectors of light) have been reported numerous times throughout the world. They are the orbs which are truly interesting. For a rare daylight orb report and photo see: See "flash orb" analysis at

Florida huge boomerang craft

PORT RICHEY -- On September 28, 2005, at 5:52 PM, I saw a huge craft flying quickly, with a distinct boomerang shape. Keep in mind what I saw broke out of the dimension of space itself, was red only to the fact that the red part of the UFO was like an outlined cartoon drawing, drawn with a red marking pen. The boomerang moved just like a boomerang would be thrown in a cartoon drawing. It was flat, with no dimension to it. I thought, a flying red tiger. So what did I see? Does it matter. Not really! My self I am just an average person with a penchant for Jesus, and his Father God Almighty! I have been seeing the "lights in the sky" since age 8. I see these "objects" around us almost daily. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Northern Idaho 1947

Ted Bloecher writes, "Here's one to add to the DBase and for the rest of us to search for. It's a Category 5: July 3rd, 1947. This interesting report describes the landing, seen by a family of ten in Northern Idaho, of eight huge objects. This report should have been among those in the Air Force files because it had been reported to intelligence officers from the Spokane Army Air Base, and an intensive air search was carried out by two missions of the National Guards 116th Fighter Group. Local sheriffs deputies also made a ground search, but since no apparent trace of the objects was found, a report was probably never forwarded to Wright Field in Dayton. (Ted Bloecher)

Illinois red lights

TINLEY PARK -- We were walking north towards 175th street on a path in Tinley Park on September 29, 2005, about 11:22 PM. All of us looked up and saw one red light in the sky. Our friend reminded us of the UFO sightings we saw a year ago around Halloween. The red light kept at a steady pace in the sky heading either straight up or northeast. About 20 minutes after staring at the light, we arrived at my friend's house and it was about the size of a star.

Two more came from the west around the same height and parallel to each other heading east. We watched these fly at a steady pace just like the others. We kept watching just as long as we watched the first one. After awhile the first red light we saw went out and the other two were slowly fading out. One went out after awhile and then the last one went out, but before it did, it fell really fast to the earth. Then, it shook back and forth and finally went out. Thanks to Brian


BERKSHIRE – October 5th was a clear night, and a helicopter pilot took his dog for a walk in Pinegrove Park, when he noticed a very large object located 290 degrees west, and 30 degrees above the horizon at 10:20 PM, that had not been there a few minutes before. The object was a bright yellowish, white color, and "self-illuminating." It was about ten times larger than the North Star looks. It is very large if it is, and I've never seen it before!" I called my wife to bring me the camera as the object continued to hover for five more minutes. The object began to move to the southeast and changed to red and blue lights underneath the craft.

I estimated the hovering craft to be 7 to 10 miles away and close to four miles at about 10,000 feet altitude. Now, the only aircraft I know of that can hover like that is a helicopter with a large search light, but being a commercial helicopter pilot myself, there are no search lights that would look like that and give the impression of being self-illuminating, and being steady and non-directional. Also the craft moved too fast to be a helicopter, it flew about 400 knots (most military helicopters have a top speed of 220 knots.) Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan bright light at top of the trees

HOLLAND -- We were out in our hot tub on September 26, 2005, at 9:24 PM, when we noticed a UFO moving slow at first. It quickly went forward then back then disappeared. Then three more appeared and maneuvered, then all the lights disappeared and all was silent and calm. We watched from the hot tub as all the objects disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

GOODRICH --There was a bright light from the top of the trees in the wooded area near our subdivision on September 27, 2005. I noticed the light from the window about 9 PM. The light was too bright to be a star, but it seemed to be a white color. Slowly the light descended into the trees so that it no longer could be seen. There was also another light in the distance that slowly hovered in the sky. This light or craft had different colored lights, like blue, green, red, yellow and they sort of flashed or changed color constantly. This craft eventually could not be seen as it descended down into the trees/wooded area. These crafts seemed to descend into the woods. There is a lake in that area as well. This all took place for an hour or so. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey bright lights

MANALAPAN -- The craft was hovering with the brightest lights I have ever seen just above the tree line at 11 PM, on September 21, 2005. It hovered for quite a long time and then slowly dipped below the tree line. We jumped into the car to follow and drove to Tennent Cemetery where we saw it again. The lights were all the way across the craft and it made no sound. It was hovering and did not move for some time, then dipped below the trees so we jumped into the car and drove to Wemrock Road to see if it would reappear there. A shooting star shot across the sky from where we saw it last. It was too large to be a helicopter. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York two bright lights

NEW PALTZ, CATSKILLS -- On September 30, 2005, traveling north on the New York State Thruway and approaching Exit 21, Catskill exit around 8 PM, I saw two bright lights, close enough to each other to look like they were connected, but hovering in the sky! Its altitude was no more than 300 feet and it was hovering just off the Thruway near a construction area. I was stationed at Otis AFB for a year and I know this was not a plane or helicopter. There were no blinking lights, just two very bright lights almost touching each other hovering in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina orbs

High Point in Davidson County – Alan Caviness writes, "There was continuing orb activity in central North Carolina on September 22, 2005." The Carolina Group Research Project field team again photographed orb images in the immediate vicinity of power lines. As in earlier cases, randomness would not allow for this to occur at such a high rate. Photographs taken around power lines once again suggest that orbs are attracted to them. Some of these orb type photos as well as lights, and UFOs are available in a free CD by obtaining a subscription to these files. These are similar or even the same, as the orbs photographed in the Crop Circles in England. Thanks to Alan Caviness

Ohio UFO video

AKRON – Amy writes, "I took an unbelievable one last night about 6:40 PM on October 15, 2005. We filmed it for about 3 or 4 minutes." I have this one and a really good one I took last week, I'm going to make another tape and send it to you. These are stills from the video yesterday. We were sitting in our car at the Outback Steakhouse waiting for them to bring out our food. (curbside service) My husband Ed was admiring the moon when he first saw the object.

I filmed it with a Sharp digital camcorder. It was about one mile away in the eastern sky. Thank God, I had my camcorder with me and was able to get great video. The object at one point looked like two black round things, they eventually joined to make one object, when they were joining each other they had a strange glow around them. They hovered in the same spot while joining, they were coming down as if they were landing.

I handed the camera to my hubby since he was on the driver's side and had a clearer view but we lost it. I am sure it landed since it was coming down as if it was going to land, when we lost sight of it. I am going out to the same spot tonight to see if it will come back. Thanks to AmyFOSTORIA – George Ritter writes, "I am now shooting my 500th video tape and I often find UFOs in the tapes when I examine them.

This craft was videotaped on October 12, 2005. Occasionally, I spot them with the naked eye while taping. I have thousands that I have documented over the years on a scientific repeatable basis since 1998.

Thanks to George Ritter

Utah two disks over park.

DOCKSTADER PARK -- On September 28, 2005, my wife and I were at the park with our children when she noticed something strange in the sky at 2 PM. My wife pointed out two white disks losing altitude. We watched for three minutes and as they became clearer, my wife ran to the truck and grabbed a disposable Fiji Camera. She snapped the rest of the film on these two objects.

After ten minutes, one of the objects slowly moved upward and in about ten seconds, the object vanished. The other object was still in plain sight. It hovered for another five minutes and vanished in front of our eyes. We took the film and had it developed and only one photo showed the two objects but the others showed nothing in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin four bright orange lights

LAKE GENEVA -- At 8 PM, three customers called me outside on September 18, 2005, to see four bright orange lights spread out across the sky. For ten minutes, they were moving slightly when they began moving toward each other and met up directly overhead. Once together, they flew one by one higher until they were out of sight. It took five minutes until the forth one flew up and was gone. Other workers who said customers came inside and saw the same thing the night before. Both nights were perfectly clear, the first night they were here at 9 PM, then back around midnight. Thanks to Brian Vike

Argentina aircraft accompanied by UFO

CIUFOS-LaPampa reports, "About 7:30 PM, the presence of a UFO was reported toward the south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, near an airliner during the last week of July 2005. The airport control tower operator was observing the approach of a commercial flight from Buenos Aires when he detected the presence of a luminous object moving slowly and parallel to the aircraft, from east to west. Faced with this circumstance, the tower operator requested a confirmation of the unknown object's presence from the Flight Plan Operator, located in the lower level of the control tower building. Both men could visualize the airliner entering its final approach from a south to north direction while the luminous object halted its movement, issued a bright flash of intense blue-white light, re-started its movement, stopped again to emit another flash, and subsequently vanished before its departure trajectory could be detected. This UFO was seen on radial 140 and some 20 degrees over the horizon, vanishing toward radial 180, and at no point ever being detected by the airliner's crew.

LA PAMPA -- On October 13, 2005, at 9:14 PM, a luminous object was seen by three witnesses as it flew over the northern sector of the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Its luminosity was observed for some 15 seconds, being an intense white in color, dimming gradually until it vanished completely. Translation (c) 2005 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LaPampa.

Bolivia: UFOs cause amazement

EASTERN REGION -- The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports, "Channel 39 managed to capture images of five UFOs that were seen October 12, 2005, over Eastern Oruro, causing curiosity and amazement in thousands of witnesses. Channel 39 of the Corporacion Orurena de Comunicacion (COC) captured the UFOs at 10:30 PM. The two strange objects drew people's attention due to their red, green and blue lights. One was a silvery, circular UFO that presented two circumferences -- a smaller one located inside the object and another outside spinning at an impressive speed.

Channel 39 journalist and show host, Pedro Rubin de Celis, said that Wednesday night's sighting confirms the theory that we are not alone in the Universe. "This has been a marvelous presence of UFOs in the firmament, and many people stepped out onto their balconies to observe this spectacle. The camera zoom has shown us, beyond the vehicle's flashes, a circle making concentric movements within other circles around the vessel and with a black dot at the center. The objects also had their own movement," he explained.

Translation (C) 2005, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO.

Canada UFO Circling Military Base

CFB COMOX, VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. -- I saw a UFO circling the military base at CFB Comox on September 25, 2005. I saw it at 12:15 pm and the skies were clear, except for one chemtrail nearby. I got some pretty good pictures and this time it was unmistakably a saucer. I got a half dozen images of it and in one of them, there is a mirrored shadow object nearby.

In a telephone interview Brian Vike reports,

"The witness said in the photos you can see two objects, the white saucer shaped craft, with another off to the left which appears darker in color and seemed to be shadowing the other." The skies are clear except for a contrail and there was no sound. The object slowly made a direction change, but flew much slower than normal aircraft. Thanks to A.L. Photos © 2005, viewed at: "

OSHAWA -- I would like to share more photos of these white objects that I saw with the naked eye, quite high 2000 feet and photographed. I took this batch on Saturday, October 1, 2005 at about 11 AM. One other thing to note, in my observations in sky watching, that the flashes in the daytime sky, are in fact, becoming more frequent and more intense of brightness-like a camera flash.

LAKE ONTARIO – I have a report of the unknown, that stuck out like a sore thumb over Lake Ontario on October 15, 2005, at 7:10 PM ,while driving west in Oshawa. I noticed a very intense, bright, white light in the sky, southwest of my position. No way that it was a plane, helicopter, or the brightest star or planet, and space station included. Five minutes after arriving home, I continued further examination of this unknown intense light. I am going to guess this very noticable light was over Lake Ontario, 2-3 miles south of the shoreline of Ajax to Pickering. The altitude appeared, well below orbit. This stationary light, was viewed for about 15 minutes. The clouds were starting to roll in from the west. This event, must have been seen by others on the highway 401,westbound traffic. The intensity was an awe of brightness.

I'm sure the security at the Pickering Nuclear Plant, were aware of the happenings above. This concludes confirmation, that the unknown, is making it's presence known to the masses. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Iraq orbs photograped:

TIKRIT -- I took this photo a while ago, from the roof deck of the palace in which my unit hangs it's hat here in Tikrit. I shot a panorama of the countryside view from the roof and the photos before and after this photo do not have the "orbs" in them.

I have other shots of the same area taken when it was sunny and I have not seen the likes of the "orbs" in any of my other photos of this area. I have hundreds of other photos from FOB Danger (Tikrit) and the "orbs" do not appear in any of them. It looks to me that the "orbs" are in motion and moving towards me at an angle, that impression is very clear especially when you zoom in on an orb. Thanks to Pointman 7,
Charles E. Ratliff, 1SG, HHC, 250th Signal Battalion, OIF III, FOB Danger, APO AE 09393

Mexican power station alien spotted

ALTAMIRA -- According to the Mexican newspaper Hoy Extramex, "Widespread panic has been unleashed in Altamira after a strange creature was videotaped at the thermoelectric plant, spreading once more the theory that there is an extraterrestrial base in the area, presumably with designs on invading the territory." The power station’s night watchmen claims to have captured the image of an alien on videotape on the plant's security cameras.. Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 10 # 40, 10/12/05 Joseph Trainor editor

Puerto Rico phantom

LAJAS -- Jose Martinez of Puerto Rico's PROJECT ARGUS has provided us with photographs of the alleged "highway phantom" that has been reported in the vicinity of Lajas, Puerto Rico. Mr. Martinez says that the original photo and the enlargement where taken by two agents of the Puerto Rico police, who witnessed the phantom in the company of some youngsters who shot video of the event.

The phantom, described as female, screams as it crosses the highway from one side to another (Rt.303) Thanks to Inexplicata,The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

U.K. Five Round Orange Orbs

HAINAULT, ESSEX -- My partner and I, were just saying our goodbyes from my parents house, about 9.30 PM, on September 17, 2005, when I spotted two slowly moving orange lights in the sky. My Dad also saw them as they started to close in towards each other. We called for my mum to come outside and she said "look". She pointed towards three more orange bright lights traveling at the same speed as the previous two in a triangular formation. They were flying towards the original two lights, staying in a triangular shape, then slowly changing formation and drifting apart. My brother, ran back into the house to grab the digital camera and we began to take pictures. I managed to take one picture of the first two before they disappeared completely behind the clouds..

Then, our neighbor walked up the street, and said that he had seen the first two from his window. The three lights then stopped dead and we all just watched. The top and bottom lights (in the triangular formation) went out of vision as the clouds moved over them. We could still see the middle orange light, for three minutes until it shot off at amazing speed. The pictures show a more defined shape to them. Thanks to

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