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Sep 13, 2006, 13:00

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Lake Superior UFO Found Near F-89 Jet


Divers from the Great Lakes Dive company claim to have located a US Air Force F-89 Scorpion jet fighter 500 feet deep in Lake Superior. Two hundred feet away is a strange metallic disc shaped object almost buried in the sand. Several years ago I had interviewed a radar operator from the 665 th Radar Squadron, whose GCI call sign was Pillow. It was located at Calumet Air Force Station on Keweenaw Peninsula, that juts out into Lake Superior.

He was assigned there at the time of the crash and claimed UFOs were frequently seen on radar coming in and out of the Lake. He personally had received calls from the Upper Michigan Police claiming they were observing UFOs flying over them at low level.

Two F 89 aircraft from the 433 Fighter Interceptor Squadron were lost the same day on 23 November of 1953. Shortly after noon an F-89 Scorpion, from Truax Air Base in Madison, Wisconsin with Lt. John Schmidt and Capt. Glenn Collins aboard, took off to test newly installed engines, witnesses below reported hearing an explosion, and then the jet crashed into a marsh in the Arboretum, killing the crew. F-89 aircraft were assigned to the 433rd Fighter-interceptor Squadron, at Truax AFB, Wisconsin but several were moved north on temporary duty at Kinross AFB, Michigan. It was less than six hours after the crash that radar operators on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, spotted a UFO in restricted air space over the Soo Locks at Sault Ste-Marie.

An F-89c operating from Kinross AFB was scrambled to intercept a large unidentified flying object that radar had spotted over the Soo Locks. 1st Lt. Felix Moncla was the pilot and 2Lt. Robert Wilson was the Radar Intercept Officer chasing the Unidentified Flying Object that headed west over Lake Superior.. Lt. Moncla's last words from the cockpit were, "I'm going in for another look." The radar operator claims "The F-89 jet was followed on the radar screen at Pillow until its image merged with the blip, - then it was lost."That odd radar image - of the mystery craft seeming to swallow the F-89, then both disappeared from the screen - has fueled theories that the F-89 was destroyed by the UFO.

The Air Force Accident report reads as follows:

SUMMARY: Aircraft took off at 2322 Zebra (6:22 PM local time) on 23 Nov 53 on an active Air Defense Mission to intercept an unknown aircraft approximately 160 miles northwest of Kinross Air Force Base. The aircraft was under radar control throughout the interception. At approximately 2352, Zebra the last radio contact was made by the radar station controlling the interception. At approximately 2355 Zebra, the unknown aircraft and the F-89 merged together on the radarscope. Shortly thereafter, the IFF signal disappeared from the radarscope. No further contact was established with the F-89. <Approximately 100 characters are excised from report> an extensive aerial search has revealed no trace of the aircraft. The aircraft and its crew are still missing.

On 23 November 1953, F-89c, Serial No. 51-5853A, was scrambled by "Naples" GCI from Kinross Air Force Base, Michigan, at 1822 EST. to intercept and identify an unknown aircraft flying over Lake Superior. The interceptor became airborne from Original radar control of the aircraft was maintained by "Naples" GCI and at 1841 EST control was transferred to "Pillow" GCI which is located at Keweenaw Peninsula. The aircraft was flying at 30,000 feet at this time, at 1847 EST, at the request of "Pillow", the aircraft descended to 7,000 feet to begin the interception. Location of the aircraft was then approximately 150 miles northeast from Kinross AFB and over Northern Lake Superior. At 1851 EST, the interceptor pilot was requested to turn to a heading of 20 degrees to the cut-off vector. After the turn was completed, the pilot was advised the unidentified aircraft was at 11 o’clock, 10 miles distant. Radar returns from both aircraft were then seen to merge on "Pillow’s" radarscope. The two blips unexpectedly merged into one. The radar return from the other aircraft indicated it was continuing on its original flight path, while the return from the F-89 disappeared from the GCI station’s radarscope. Snip Thanks to USAF Accident Report

The Chicago Tribune reported eleven aircraft and numerous boats were searching for the F-89. A spokesperson at Truax Field in Madison, Wisconsin gave the Associated Press this official release. The Tribune headline read:


"The plane was followed by radar until it merged with an object 70 miles off Keweenaw Point in Upper Michigan."

Later the US Air Force denied the F-89 had merged with anything and claimed the unknown aircraft being intercepted was a Royal Canadian Air Force Dakota (C-47), Serial # VC-912, flying from Winnipeg to Sudbury, Canada. The Canadian Government claimed their aircraft was never over water and could not have been involved. Search for the missing aircraft was conducted by both USAF and RCAF aircraft without success.

You can visit Lt. Moncla's memorial headstone at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery in Moreauville, Louisiana, which reads:

In Loving Memory of Gene Felix Moncla Jr. 1st Lt. United States Air Force, Born October 21, 1926. Disappeared November 23, 1953 Intercepting an UFO Over Canadian Border as Pilot of a F89 Jet Plane.

The Great Dive ‘Company says it has been over whelmed by E-mails concerning the object that is believed to have hit the F-89c and caused it to crash. Representative Adam Jimenez, stated, "We didn't notice the object at first when we discovered the plane.

But when we did a detailed search surrounding the aircraft (trying to locate the missing wing), a portion of the side scan came back distorted in an area near the wreckage of the F-89. We focused on this area and tried to scan it with the Sharc 2 but had no luck it was still distorted. One of our team recalled that F-89's were known to carry a nuclear weapon called a "Genie" rocket. Although this rocket was not deployed until later versions of the F-89, we didn't know if some sort of covert testing may have happened on earlier versions, and this could be what was causing our equipment issues. Returning with a Geiger counter a day later, we put the theory to the test and...No radiation levels were detected."

Initially, the object appeared to be large and almost teardrop in shape. It was only 212 feet from the F89!

Jimenez added, "But the scan showed something very interesting...a plow mark trailing behind the object (as if it had crashed). This plow mark caused us to focus our immediate attention on the object; we lowered our ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to it and confirmed that the mystery object was metallic, and had a strike mark that matched the missing wing hole on the F-89.

Blue Circle- Trial that object left when crashing
Red - Object partially buried
Yellow - Pushed up bottom sand from plowing of object

It is possible that the missing wing may be underneath the mystery object. The section of the object that is visible above the sand is approximately 15 feet long by 8.4 feet wide and as previously mentioned has a teardrop shape. However, this may be just the tip of the iceberg with the majority of the craft hidden below tons of sand.

Except for the wreckage of the F-89 Scorpion and the unidentified object, there is nothing else on the lake bottom for miles. Jimenez said, "Our conclusion is that it would be highly coincidental for this object containing a suspicious strike mark and plowed sand near the F-89 to not have anything to do with the crash." We will have to wait until next year and the new dive season for more answers about this mysterious object and the fate of the crew of the F-89 Scorpion. Thanks to

Meteorite Find Suggests Life on Mars

Possible signs of alien life have been found inside a Martian meteorite called Nakhla. Scientists have discovered tiny tunnels in the rock that may have been bored by micro-organisms on Mars. The meteorite fell to Earth on June 28, 1911, exploding into dozens of fragments over Egypt. Nakhla was one of the first meteorites confirmed to have come from Mars based on its chemical composition. ***image11center***

The meteorite is estimated to be 1.3 billion years old and shows signs of being altered by the water once thought to have flowed on Mars. It spent some million years drifting through space before entering Earth's atmosphere. A team led by Martin Fisk at Oregon State University found tiny tubular holes similar to those in volcanic Earth rocks believed to be caused by bacteria or ancient organisms called archaeans. Averaging one to three micrometres in diameter and up to 100 micrometres long, the tunnels often contain biomolecules such as nucleic acids.

Peter Ward, from the University of Washington in Seattle, wrote: "When Fisk's team examined volcanic minerals inside Nakhla, to their surprise they found small tunnels virtually identical in size and shape to those in Earth rocks." John McKay, from the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, later found carbon-rich matter in the rock's tunnels. Analysis suggested that it was carbon originating on Mars — an intriguing finding since all known life is based on carbon.

"Those involved have been careful not to get carried away by this new evidence," Dr Ward said. Professor Fisk and his colleagues have stopped short of claiming the tunnels are proof of life on Mars. Instead they say the features might be a "useful biosignature" given the abundance of volcanic rock in the solar system. Thanks to New Scientist magazine.

Jordan -Meteorite Impact Crater Found

Jabal Waqf es Swwan Crater is a likely meteorite impact crater in Eastern Jordan near the Saudi border and is located at 31.04 degrees north 36.80 degrees east.

The crater was proposed in 2006 by geologists Elias Salameh and Hani Khoury from the University of Jordan, along with German professor Werner Schneider. The crater has a diameter of 5.5 km. The bolide is estimated by Proffessor Salameh to have been 100 meters in diameter, and to have had an impact velocity of 40–50 km/s.[The impact is estimated by the discoverers to have happened between 8000 BC and 5500 BC, and would have been observed by humans. The tremendous impact and the resulting weather changes are probably the origin of legends about prehistoric disasters such as the Great Flood.

Arizona Daylight Sighting of a UFO

PHOENIX-- I have seen a little activity the last few months and took these photo's from my backyard on September 3, 2006, at 6:42 p.m. I saw this UFO light up, and at first I thought it was a silver plane. But I know how they shine off the sun's sunset and also this UFO was heading west toward the air-force base.

I had my camera in my hand so I was able to capture this bright white UFO. It then stopped for one minute, and then resumed very slowly behind the clouds in photo two. Then it just disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Florida Object Circles Witnesses Neighborhood

Orlando – I don't know what's going on with Monday nights here, but I saw something else on August 28, 2006, at 7:25 PM. It was different and flying higher circling the neighborhood. This one had red lights that actually circled one portion of the aircraft. There were three lights, I could see, on one side, and they would chase. There would be a bright red blink, and then three red lights in a row, did a little 'chasey' thing. Plus, it had a bunch of other lights, and two rows underneath of that dome thing, but it wasn't a dome, like the one before was. It was just long rectangular lit up places.

It didn't seem to have a front and changed shape and kept cruising, slower than a plane. I could see that it was turning, and at first, this light on what appeared to be the front, was going in the same direction. Then as it was halfway through its U turn and coming towards me it sounded like a jet but different, there was another humming. The lights were moving around, in a different direction than the turn. It also had a search light with a beam, but no green or blue lights. The lights dimmed in a hurry and it changed course. It changed from a long oval shape to more of a big ball. I was also at this point looking at it from the back, when the red chasing lights stopped, too. Really odd. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Illinois Cylinder

ROCKFORD --Around 7:30 PM, in the evening on September 1, 2006, I was out in the yard messing with my Kodak c533 5-mega camera, and was taking photos of the sky.

I was just downloading the images to my computer and was looking at them and I noticed one picture had an object in the sky. It takes decent pictures; therefore, I was shocked when I noticed this flying object, because with my eyes I did not see this thing. It is in the upper middle of the picture. It is a small dot. It may be a bird or a plane. I do not know. That is why I thought I would share it with you and maybe you can try figuring it out. My name is Rickie T zoomed in on it and it looks like a physical object. My camera is 6 days old and has no defects and the lens is perfect. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Michigan Flashing Red, White, & Blue

JACKSON -- I was leaving my apartment complex on February 1, 2004, where I have a view towards Reynolds Field. Looking down the street towards the airport, I noticed something in the sky. It was a bright, white object three times the size and brightness of Venus and it had a misty white, thick ring of fog or cloud around it. The sky was clear except for this ring around the object. I knew this was something unusual, and having seen a strange object three days earlier, I drove home to get my camcorder, then back to where I could see the object. I drove towards the object and when I drove up behind a car at the stop sign I could tell that the driver was staring at the object. I drove another mile and stopped at 9 PM, to film the object as it dimmed and brightened.

On the videotape, the object can be seen turning into three small, white lights and it seems to be rotating or spinning. After a minute it dimmed and vanished, but seemed to relocate a short distance to the south. I repositioned the camcorder and continued videotaping. Then it made a slow, downward movement behind some trees. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Lake Superior -- On Sunday, September 3, 2006, at or near 11:30 PM (2330 Hrs) E D T, while sitting outdoors looking across White Fish Bay toward Canada gazing at the red beacons from many electricity generating windmills on an island in the bay, I suddenly became aware of a brilliant gold-white sphere of light just below the cloud layer to my east. I was in a lawn chair and had binoculars with me. Seeing this light appear below the overcast my first thought was of an aircraft with its landing light turned on. As an airplane watcher I kept my eye on the light expecting to see and hear an aircraft approach directly toward me. I said nothing to my wife who was next to me tending our fire. I picked up my binoculars for a better view and noticed while watching the light that I was lowering the glasses to keep it in view as the surface of the lake was becoming visible.

I realized the object was not heading toward me but instead was in a slow controlled, steady descent. As it neared the lake's surface, its own brilliance formed a reflection on the water. As the object continued its descent, the reflection on the water grew brighter and larger. The object, visible only as a ball of light (which may have had a dark band across the center) lowered itself and the object and its reflection merged at the surface of the lake and the object was gone from view. As I watched the object it had descended into and below the surface of the lake. Not a ripple or other disturbance appeared on the surface. There was no dark outline of a landed craft. There were no sounds. There was never any steady, flashing, or strobing red, green, or white navigation lights as would appear on a conventional air or watercraft. I continued to watch but nothing more was seen, just empty, still water. I eliminated all the mundane, prosaic things to come to mind; conventional aircraft, watercraft, meteors, fireballs, parachute flares, signal flares, balloons, etc... This object behaved like none of these things. It was not falling, not flickering and flaring, not drifting, not landing on the water, not hovering, not making sounds. It came through the cloud deck, slowly descended into the lake, and was gone. It took about a minute. I felt I had witnessed something unusual. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nebraska Large Formation of Objects

VALENTINE --On September 1, 2006, at 4:30 AM, I was unable to sleep which has been common for me during the last couple of months. So whenever there is a thunderstorm, I'm out there watching until it rains. After fifteen minutes outside, I saw thirty UFOs flying in a haphazard clump in and out of the clouds. They were north of the house but I couldn't see where they flew off to, but I knew from seeing them last year they'd be back in a couple minutes. Ten minutes later, they were back flying in the opposite direction when they disappeared into a cloud.

During this time, it seemed every bird and squirrel in the area was singing and chirping and twitting in the dark. The next round of UFOs looked like bubbles with lights inside. My vision isn't so hot but last year I saw some other UFOs which looked as if they were linked together, like a train. These 'train cars' were the bubbles with lights inside They were swooping around in and out of clouds then they split into two sets which flew west and two objects which flew south. The maneuvers went on for the next hour with lightening flashing around, just like last year. During the last flyover they assembled to the east and much like Blue Angel acrobatic planes came directly towards me. I heard the 'whoosh' as they flew over wing to wing. They looked like orange birds but they didn't flap their wings. Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Jersey Flying Triangle

LUMBERTON – I was up late, listening to music on my headphones on October 12, 1979, and noticed out the west window three red lights in a triangle that appeared to be hovering. We lived near Burlington County Airpark so lights in the sky are no biggie. But, there was no sound and the lights were stationary. After about three minutes the lights began to move toward the south, and disappeared out of the west window only to reappear in the south. The lights continued to move now seemingly upward and over the house only to reappear in the west window again. It remained there for maybe a minute or so and suddenly veered southward at incredible speed and disappeared. I was so scared I could not talk. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Video of UFO

Lordsburg – Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. The light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape but stayed in the area for over five minutes." Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

New York Flying Triangle

On August 31, 2006, as I was sitting outside on my front steps, an object flew overhead at a slow rate of speed and about 15,000 feet up. The object made no noise and was heading in a southerly direction. An outline of the object could not be seen, when the object moved away I could clearly see a large strobing light and two red-outlined triangles to each side and above the strobing light. The triangles did not look like multiple lights in triangular formations, but were solid red-outlined triangles, similar to red neon tube lights shaped like triangles. I've never seen anything like this in the night sky. I have attached a drawing of what I witnessed in a PowerPoint drawing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina UFO Photos

NEW HANOVER -- I took this picture while in my front yard on September 2, 2006. There is the original enclosed and an enhancement of the black streak and the white object.

I took another picture at 9:48 AM on September 9, 2006, this morning from my front yard.

There was not a cloud in the sky. I include the original and an enlargement. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Video

FOSTORIA—George Ritter captured on video a high speed thin moving object on August 17, 2006. The object appears to be in front of the trees on a nearby farm. Thanks to George Ritter

Tennessee UFO Has Near Miss of Plane

Johnson City-- Kim Shaffer Director of AUFORC reports, FAA confirmation : A pilot of a regional service airline reported at 10:03, he was just west of Tri Cities Regional Airport when he was nearly struck by a "meteor" while at an altitude of 4500 feet. The pilot stated the "meteor was in level flight and going "slow". Those of us who understand such things realize that meteors do not fly slow and not at 4500 feet. The control tower at "Tri" had also received a few calls concerning a burning aircraft.

Immediately following this event, a witness in Johnson City, Tennessee reported seeing a large dark cigar shaped object hovering near downtown. She described the object as" looking like one of those Vietnam helicopters"(we assume a Chinook), without props. The object, according to the witness, hovered with it's length some 45 degrees tilted up in the rear portion, had a white light top and bottom centrally. It also had a large "spotlight" like illumination on it's front pointing down. She assured the investigator that this was no helicopter she saw and it made absolutely no sound. The object hovered for some time and then sped off quickly to the southeast.

Subsequently, at about 22:30, a witness reported hearing a conversation on a scanner in Carter County regarding a flying object between two police officers or Sheriff deputies. There were "chuckles" and a request that this subject be discussed by phone. Carter County 911 has no record of this discussion.

We will be following up. Thanks to Kim Shaffer Director, AUFORC


Santa Rosa, La Pampa -- Salvatore Valentin Carta of Planeta UFO reports on Saturday, August 26, 2006, Mrs. O. had just finished watering her back yard about 8 PM, and saw a dark red object with the appearance of a plow disc with lights around it, but the lights "were not solid, and it looked like each of them was a small spiral." Technically speaking, it was a vortex. The object remained static between a three-line barbed wire fence. The next day she noticed that the soil was drier than normal and with a more solid consistency. I have ascertained that the barbed wire is darkened or covered by something resemble oxide; it is high resistance galvanized wire measuring 3 mm thick and was put up a year ago.

Upon visiting her farm, a "fairy ring" was clearly visible on the property, measuring 2.50 meters in diameter. She also indicated that five days before she saw a light to the northwest that she described as "a very large bottle shooting fire outward" (plasma ionization?). The neighborhood dogs were quite alarmed. In the morning she found the grass as though burned and very dry with regard to the surrounding vegetation. (Special thanks to Salvatore Valentin Carta and Planeta UFO. Translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU)

Australia Disc

I was watching TV on August 29, 2006, when my satellite signal was blocked by something. I went outside to investigate and noticed a series of lights in the sky. Upon closer inspection, I saw the shape of the flying object, it was a disc like shape. I stayed outside for about 20 minutes as the object came closer to the ground when suddenly a car backfired and the object began to fly away at a fast pace. It rose vertically until it disappeared completely in about 2 minutes. I was left confused about the incident and demanding answers. Thanks to Always Vigilant, Lewis Grimwood

Canada Jet Fighter in Pursuit of a UFO

FRASER RIVER -- I have been seeing quite a number of bright white strobes the past few days with always just the one flash, bright enough to even penetrate the cloud cover at 21:15 - 21:45 - 22:15 hours on August 21, 2006 between Surrey and Coquitlam, BC. I have been seeing maybe one per hour beginning just as soon as the sun goes down. They fly between 30 to 45 degrees altitude and appear much bigger than the average strobe on a plane. No objects or sound seen or heard.

On the evening of August 21, 2006, at 9:15 PM, I saw four large yellowish/white lights arranged in the shape of a diamond. I quickly grabbed my binoculars and and all four lights appeared to be underneath some kind of dark platform. There were several small white strobes and one bright red strobe located between the big lights.The object was moving east at the speed of a small plane below the 1200 feet clouds over the Fraser River.

I noticed a small plane passing overhead on what appeared to be an intercept course, but the object turned ENE, which put it almost directly ahead of the plane. The plane did not seem to be gaining at 9:45 PM. The lights were arranged in a narrow triangular pattern. A half hour later what appeared to be the same object coming back on a westerly course. Only this time there was just one bright red strobe at the front and one of the big lights in the rear. It appeared as if the big light was pushing the object.

SPRINGBANK AIRPORT Calgary Alberta -- As I taxied my aircraft, a Cessna 172, to the hold line of runway 25 on August 26, 2006, at 9:05 p.m., I was cleared for take-off to remain in the traffic pattern for training, and maneuvering aircraft in and out of an airport. I observed my intended flight path to note an object that originally resembled an airship, which from my perspective would have been over or very near the town of Cochrane. The object was "egg" shaped, and appeared to be dark grey or black in colour, however most of this was as a result of being against the background of the sunset. I inquired with the Tower Controller if there was indeed an aircraft working over Cochrane, or in that direction to which I was advised "no".

I then observed the object appear to change to a circular shape, and rapidly back to it's original "egg" shape. I reported this to the Tower Controller and remained in my position at the end of Runway 25. At this time, I observed the object move easterly and stop in a very defined motion. The object again altered shape, and moved upwards slowly. My report continued to Air Traffic Control and it was advised to me that there was nothing on Radar. Another Cessna 172 aircraft transiting the Control Zone advised that the same object (or one of similar description) was observed over the Control Tower 5 to10 minutes earlier with "no lights, no sound". My commercial flight instructor was in a Piper Arrow behind my aircraft and observed this object and copied all of our radio transmissions. I was still cleared for take-off and advised that once at circuit altitude (1000 feet above ground level) I would give further information. At this time the object moved west, stopped, and continued east bound, when it disappeared. The dark grey/black object was the size of my fingernail and was observed for four minutes by three witnesses. Thanks to AUFOSG for the report.

Edmonton – On September 7, 8, and 9 the sky was inundated with chemtrails. This UFO was filmed during a 39 minute filming of chemtrails. So much was going on during this film! A still-by-still examination of the UFO is revealing!

The UFO appeared to be "overseeing" the chemtrail spraying, which began before dawn and continued east of Edmonton until 7:30 AM. Meanwhile, another discovery - as one who has filmed chemtrails for 8 years - was the nearby simultaneous aerosol spraying of both black and white chemtrails by the same lengthy black plane. One would do well to examine the DVD on a 72. inch screen... as well as slow it to the slowest-possible speed in film rendering software. There is so much going on in this film, I don't know where to
start. The film is at YouTube: kOs is merely a segment. Stephen Volk MUFON CMS

Winnipeg, Manitoba -- I was watching TV with my three year old son on Friday, September 1, 2006, at about 8 PM, when I heard the distant sound of a fighter jet flying close by. I quickly opened our patio doors and spotted a CF-18 flying at around 5000 feet. He was making a hard right turn to the west towards a fairly bright object. Within a couple of seconds, the object changed direction to the west and started to climb as the fighter chased it.

I lost sight of the object, but I kept my eyes on the fighter until it disappeared. From the time I spotted the fighter to the time I lost sight of it was only about 10 seconds. Compared to the UFO, the jet liners in the area were traveling five times slower. The UFO was larger than the dark fighter and much faster. It also seemed to be dipping and diving in a strange way as it flew off. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Houston, British ColumbiaOn August 22, 2006, at 10:20 p.m., I spoke to a man in the Houston Shopping Center who reported to me that he and his wife watched an object move slowly and on a direct flight path across most of the night sky. After traveling 3/4 the way across the sky, the object made a sharp turn which the witness believed was straight up and finally disappeared. He said the entire craft was all lit up. The object was at a good distance away and he was not able to observe any detail other than it making a strange turn and was fully lit. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Poland Chance UFOs Photographed

LEGNICA -- the witness - an amateur photographer took this photo probably in the late June or early July 2006, aiming to capture lightning. he didn't succeed in it but searching through a mass of photos he took, the witness noticed a strange rod-like object in the central part of the photo. there is no similar object on the other photos. the witness excluded the possibility that it was a bird.

LEGNICA --- Mr. Lukasz Wroblewski took this photo August 27, 2006.

Kamienica Slaska -- Mr. Grzegorz from Czestochowa taped a strange white object near Czestochowa passing quickly over a groove of trees. It was another sighting that recently took place in Czestochowa area. In August 2006 the region became a hot spot for UFO sightings. Check the video: By: Piotr Cielebia¶ [NPN]: "NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal" []. E-mail: [email protected]

UK, Scotland UFO Lands on Mall

Paisley Daily Express – Reports the mysterious appearance of a ‘crop circle’ on the roof of Paisley’s leading shopping center has led to claims that aliens landed in the town. The bizarre circle, measuring six meters across, appeared on the flat roof area of the Paisley Center following a series of strange goings-on at the popular mall. Center manager Andrew MacKinnon said: "This is not a joke. I believe it was a UFO. I believe aliens are trying to get in contact with us." The circle, which is grayish in color and has a gold-colored edging, appears to have been burned into the roof’s gravel covering. The appearance followed the simultaneous malfunctioning of office electrical equipment at the center that included blow-outs on a photocopier, a fax and the vitally important CCTV equipment.

Mr MacKinnon said the roof is a secured area and not accessible to the general public. The manager’s theory is that a UFO attempted to make contact with the people of Paisley via the radio equipment located on the roof. A satellite dish housed near the possible landing area also malfunctioned after the appearance of the circle.

Jamie Lavery, 47, a maintenance engineer, said: "While undertaking some roof maintenance, I briefly saw what appeared to be a brightly-lit flying object." A strange metal-like material was found on the center roof after the appearance of the circle that has been sent for analysis.

Worksop, Nottinghamshire -- On August 30, 2006, at 12:15 AM until 1:00 AM, we saw one bright orange glowing ball light on the horizon that mostly stayed in one spot and then dimmed. Twenty minutes later the bright orange light was back, kept rising, and flew right over us. As it went over its color turned to three small lights and a lot higher. My email is [email protected] if people from around here want to discuss with me what it is. Thanks to UFOINFO:-

UK VIDEO - A huge UFO is chased by the cameraman through the UK countryside at night. The film was added to You Tube on February 14, 2006, from Globe85. Several people feel this UFO is a balloon. However, the flying object carries a series of interesting lights and gradually descends in the film as it seems to follow the road. Flashing lights are not normally mounted on balloons. The film ends before the object lands. You can see the film at:

Shuttle Videos Spot Anomalies in Space

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