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NJ UFO June 2015

New Jersey UFO June 22, 2015

Manalapan — I have goose bumps and chills down my spine. I was visiting my parents around 9:50 pm on June 22, 2015. I was leaving and saw a bat or bird in the sky and looked closer to see this thing flying towards me. As it got closer it got larger and was massive about 300 feet wide and 400 feet long, extremely dark black triangular, shape that looked as if it was a shadow because it reflected no light. I could see the shape of this object so clearly. There were no lights anywhere on this triangle, like a bat mobile flying over my head.

My dad was coming out and I kept yelling to him to look above over his head, this thing came up Madigan Lane from Pease Rd to (northeast) then hovered over my head for a few seconds then went southeast towards Longbow Drive. It moved so quickly and changed directions on a dime. I reported it to the Manalapan NJ Police Department and the cops think I’m crazy. They said “We cannot do anything about it”, REALLY! Something is flying over my head in our air space and you cannot do anything about it? Thanks to MUFON CMS

George Filer

George Filer

MUFON New Jersey State Director
MUFON Eastern Region Director
Chief Editor National UFO Center
George Filer
  • Thomas Buyea – Fla. News Service, Miami, Fl. USA

    It appears they the UFO people are getting nearer and nearer to making a Worldwide showing that Can Not be denied by any of the Governments that many already know and have known about their existence for decades !

  • cops are stupid there told to deny any ufos

  • whitesnake29

    Not so different from what I saw twice in November 1985 in Westchester, NY…still flying over the Hudson Valley.

  • Pam Stark

    Don’t feel bad the chief of police in my hometown wouldn’t take a report either. He watched it hover then went inside the police station he had work to do. I think he’s scared!

  • Thomas Buyea – Fla. News Service, Miami, Fl. USA

    Different subject but in 1999 a giant tunneling machine drilled a tunnel under Miami, Florida where I live and I called the local police to see if they had had any questions about the intermittent vibrations coming from under ground ?
    They of course said No, I do not remember If I tried to explain to them what was causing the vibrations ?
    The vibrations started coming from the North, Then passed directly under my apartment and then off toward the South East toward Cuba !
    The vibrations were very low frequency which would be generated by about a 25 to 30 foot diameter drill and would continue for about 20 minutes at a time, Then stop for about 20 minutes and each time it would restart it felt like the whole Earth would jump up about a quarter of an inch ! It took about 4 days from the first I felt them until they passed out of range to the SE, I could feel them on the second floor of a wood apartment building, or Standing on the ground and even sitting on a bar stool at the local watering hole without my feet reaching the ground, I got other people to admit they felt them after I pointed them out to them, They probably did not believe what I was telling them was the cause, But they admitted feeling the vibrations !
    We should put out a request for others who have felt the drilling so we could know where the tunnels are located.

  • natt

    I am an officer and no we would not take a report. Police deal with criminal offences and victims of crime not extraterrestrial activity so you would have to be the stupid ones.
    Police will not start an investigation into something like this. What would police then attempt to charge and alien? Think responsibly people.

  • Thomas Buyea

    And of course the air force will not admit they see any UFOs or Chemtrail spray planes either.

  • Thomas Buyea

    Yes I was an Officer too many years ago, That is where the Ranger 00116 came from badge number and radio call sign. And used erasable ball point pens !

  • Vic

    Visitors from other worlds is a subject outside the scope of law enforcement. (I mean, aliens aren’t stealing your bicycle or something, nor do they want to)
    The issue is outside the scope and control of all branches of government and the military. The Air Force found out a long time ago it was pointless to engage their vastly superior craft. (But what’s the point of engagement, when for the most part the visitors pose no threat to us)
    The issue of these visitors has everything to do with you and me. Are we progressing as a species? Do we seek knowledge over revenge? Do we pray for our brothers’ needs more than we love material wealth? Are we ready for contact? Look in the mirror, there’s the answers you seek. When you are ready to grow and improve yourself, when you are peaceful more than fearful, “Disclosure” will come to each of us, individually. Don’t wait for official notice or a postcard, it’s not coming! Do not imagine that the police or government are needed for this, or even imagine you need such earthly organizations in any capacity.
    “The alien is my brother”

  • Thomas Buyea – Fla. News Service, Miami, Fl. USA

    They do steal and mutilate our animals and pets and some humans also, There are extremely high numbers of missing people just in the USA each year that are never heard from again ! No one knows what happened to them ? ! It seems many of the claimed 900,000 a year must have been abducted by Aliens and are now living somewhere else or on the menu at their local restaurants ! Of course the ones returned to Earth are Not believed what they say happened to them, Although many governments are probably aware that this is happening and just covering it up, Like the majority of U.S. National parks covers up the disappearances of people who are with a group of people when they just disappear and a search finds nothing except sometimes their clothes or their bodies with no clothes !


  • Thom Buyea
  • Vic

    Not all missing persons can be directly attributable to aliens. But I’m convinced it does happen, by the “dark” races, such as the Greys, or that variety. It is said they are a race at the end of their life expectancy, seeking genetic material. Most genetic harvesting seems to be carried out on animals, and a smaller amount on humans. This is obviously wrong, and I beleive all good races of beings throughout the cosmos would not condone that behavior. It is a violation of our autonomy and free will.
    I pray that this would stop! I’m sure benevolent races, children of the Creator, God, would agree.
    I never want to meet a race that has fallen from the Grace of God, and trust the Spirit to lead me into all truth, and protect me from the evil ones.
    (Having said that, I’m sure some advamced, peaceful races feel the same way when they come here! They may view us not unlike a bunch of primitive jungle savages throwing spears at which they know nothing of)

  • Jack Martin

    What is wrong with some people this has been going on since the beginning, I do believe that we are a big biological experiment or colony from these aliens or cousins. Where in the hell do we think that we’re the only ones? And all of that new technology that keeps showing up you got to know a lot of it is reverse technology. Some of it is OUT OF OUR WORLD.

  • Thomas Buyea – Fla. News Service, Miami, Fl. USA

    Yes I think we may be a biological experiment !
    It may be that an Alien Professor gives the assignment to his 100,000 member genetic design class to each design an animal, First giving them all the conditions on the planet they will be living on like amount of gravity, temperatures, amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, Foods available Etc. Then give some basic requirements that all warm blooded, Cold Blooded, Fish, Birds Etc. Must all have have Like in case you have never noticed ? Most all animals no matter how very widely they differ, All have Two eyes, a nose below and in-between the eyes with two holes in it, A mouth that opens up and down with teeth and a tong, Two ears one on each side of it’s head, Four legs (Even we have four legs, We just stand on out rear legs so we can do things with our front legs) Even birds have four two to stand on two to fly with, Even fish basically have four sets of flippers. and then after meeting those requirements they are encouraged to design the most widely varied animals possible and since they probably have time travel capabilities there is probably a part of the test to see who can design the animal who’s species will survive the longest, They may be allowed to come to Earth and make minor genetic modifications from time to time to make their animal healthier or live longer ? It is also possible that this is actually being done in their equivalent of computers and we do not actually exist in solid forms at all ? If the government knows this to be true then maybe keeping it secret is the best thing to do ? But I would still want to know anyway !
    There is also the possibility they have used up all the movie script’s they could come up with, So they designed us just smart enough for us to think we are smart, But not smart enough to avoid getting into trouble, And they watch us as a form of entertainment, Because reality is stranger than fiction ! (;^))

  • Vic

    It would seem that Eisenhower made a “treaty” with the Ebens, who are said to be liars. Supposedly there was an “allowable” # of abductions that has been far exceeded. Along with cattle mutilation, it seems clear the Ebens are harvesting genetic material, as Penniston said, “as a bandaid”. Given the above, (of which I’m sure you already know), a strong case is evident that requires us to defend ourselves against negative races that disrespect our autonomy.
    So the question in my mind right now is- How do we recognize the crafts of the Ebens, to distinguish them from benevolent beings? And can the Navys’ laser track them at tens of thousands of miles an hour, and bring their craft down? Does narrow beam, directed radar still f up their guidance? Can we detect them before they come into our atmosphere? Questions that should be considered, for sure.
    Having said that, I’d say that if aliens wanted to destroy us, it would have happened long ago. Same way I’m glad the 1.5 billion Muslims are mostly peaceful, and jihadists only represent a fraction of a percent. When we watch the news, we conclude there is much evil in the world. But we never hear of the billions of people who went to work everyday, and caused no trouble, living peaceful lives. That’s the same way it is with aliens, the peaceful intent of the majority isn’t sensational. Just for perspective.

  • if it was a triangular black than was the craft of US but if was a little bit mo e not regular form than was the black knight, they flying on low altitudine, as time mr.manalapan they didn’t steal you there is no problem

  • usnoa2 0600-00439952 cetus constellation

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