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UFO enthusiasts gathered in Mexico to view the ‘alien’ slides
UFO enthusiasts gathered in Mexico to view the ‘alien’ slides (Picture: YouTube)

UFO conference shows off new Roswell alien photos discovered in attic


Highly anticipated slides said to show off a humanoid alien found near Roswell in a crashed spacecraft in 1947 have been released.

UFO enthusiasts had been awaiting the unveiling of the so-called ‘Roswell Slides’ for months – hoping to finally know the truth of the ‘Area 51′ crash.

Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the U.S. government found a crashed alien vehicle at the site in 1947.

The slides – on Kodachrome film – were revealed by a team headed by Dr Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who walked on the moon.

No images have been released in advance of the event – but the slides supposedly show the remains of a dead alien.

The slides were supposedly taken by Bernerd A. Ray, an oil exploration geologist who worked near Roswell in the 1940s.

UFO sites such as Inquisitr describe the ‘Roswell Slides’ images as a ‘smoking gun’ which proves that aliens exist – but others suggest they are a hoax.

The pictures were supposedly found in an envelope in an attic.

Researcher Anthony Baraglia said: ‘What is depicted is really there, accurately reflected in the emulsion as an actual moment in time in 1947. Science has weighed in and has determined that these are real slides that are really from 1947.’

‘The Only Conclusion: This humanoid is not a deformed person, mummy, dummy, simian or dead serviceman.’

‘It is not a creature that finds its origin on Earth.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, concluded: ‘In the case of the Roswell slides the anonymous discoverers of it only assumed it was of the Roswell alien, plus the pictures are poor quality and look as if they were taken of a mummy in a museum.’


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  • Thomas Buyea

    There are two radio programs on the radio here in Miami that cover subjects like this from 12 Midnight to 1AM on WIOD 610 AM Ground Zero Clide ? and Coast to Coast 1 AM till 5 AM with George Norry.
    They both talked about this last night.
    On Ground Zero they thought they were likely fakes, But the more experienced UFO researchers on C2C though they were real
    It seems the way they were found and that the man and his wife were friends of President Eisenhower and how the slides were found between two pieces of cardboard glued together to hide them by the man and his wife also proves they are real.
    I think it looks real, Very dehydrated but real.

  • These I believe are original photos due to the history of the photographer and wife. The guy who got ahold on these is extremely lucky. Because they were headed for the local dump. We need to check this photographers background in oil exploration as a geologist and his security clearance backgrounds. He was probably employed by the government as some time in 1940s. This will add more evidence to the probably they are in fact real.

  • William Moisson

    Please note that Jaime Maussen was involved on this one. When I saw the “Roswell Alien” photo I saw it was clearly a misrepresented mummy. When you hear that Mr. Maussen is involved you can be sure it is a fraud.

  • I still believe these photos recovered in Kodachrome documentary deserve merit due to their reported way of discovery and the previous owners backgrounds. We need to find out about his former security clearance with the US Government as a Geologist. Bernard A Ray requires an in-depth background investigation now.

  • My Uncle Wayne Schell was personal bodyguard to Harry Truman in the 40s. He told me that what crashed was not from this Earth. The MJ-12 Team in fact existed and was called to an AFB just outside DC to view the material. It was displayed on wooden tables under tents off the main tarmac at Andrews AFB. Very similar to the end of the Santilli film. I believe the symbols represent a frequency for contact in case of crash or loss of craft. As a former member of MI and some experience with Cryptography while working with NSA, I find these symbols fascinating. Don’t You?

  • Todd Rugger

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  • Tom Clarke

    Hey, what a great article. I found it such an interesting read.

  • No

    This “Schrodinger’s Cat”.. Does it look something like this?

  • Barbara Wade

    Interesting! I am an abductee, so I KNOW ETs are real. Fortunately, these ETs are NICE. BTW, they wear CLOTHES. Often I see pictures of aliens with no clothes on. 🙂 🙂 The ones I communicate with wear jumpsuits. I hope we get FULL DISCLOSURE soon.

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