Giant UFOs Seen In Italy And Columbia – Videos

A UFO was spotted enormous size and photographed in Rivoli near Turin and the photographs are very interesting and worthy of note. Here’s what the witness told investigators of the UFO Center Mediterranean, which was in charge of the case:

A witness who photographed the sighting said, ” The pictures taken with my compact camera on the evening of February 14, 2014 at 21 have captured a luminous phenomenon observed by myself for almost 3 hours at the Rivoli in Turin in the Piedmont region. The images portray one or more luminous objects from where I live, Rivoli (TO), I have observed from 20:15 or so, up to 23 hours, then when the object has disappeared. From where I live, as I said Rivoli, the observation was made ​​in a north-northeast course where the UFO hovered and precisely to the civil airport of Caselle Torinese (referred to below in the various pictures I took are observed runway lights) .


The witness further said, “The object appeared in the first instance on the airport itself, then a more in-depth observation seemed more distant background in the distance, in the direction where there are no orographic relief. Of course, having no idea of the actual size of the same I can not estimate how far away it was rough. The area where I live is situated at an altitude of 350 above sea level and the Turin Caselle airport about 100 less. As a result, the estimated share of the object low on the horizon could be 400 or maybe 500 meters since I perceived not very high from the ideal line that started from my eyes horizontally. In relation to the actual size of the object suspended forever in that position for so long, I can assume that my own personal familiarity with flying objects of all kinds and a relative flying experience (for reasons of personal and professional interest), I suggest to be several tens of kilometers ” .

One aspect that impressed much of the UFO-researchers is the strong resemblance to a UFO filmed in Medellin in Colombia, just three days later.   Investigations are continuing and further results of the still-depth coverage of this event will be announced.

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