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First Ever Sighting of Galaxy Core Formation

This illustration reveals the celestial fireworks deep inside the crowded core of a developing galaxy

Astronomers have for the first time gotten a glimpse of the earliest stages of massive galaxy construction. The building site, dubbed “Sparky,” is a developing galaxy containing a dense core that is blazing with the light of millions of newborn stars which are forming at a ferocious rate. The discovery ...

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Filer’s Files # 35 2014 War for Men’s Souls

Craft above Wytheville, Virginia on August 9th, 2014, at around 4 PM

  In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Bolender Says There Were Two UFO Reporting Systems, Chemtrails and UFOs – Possible Scenarios, The War over Men’s Souls, Clark McClelland NASA Spacecraft Operator, Pentagon Says Defeating ISIS Cannot Be Done by Airstrikes Alone, and Presidents Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower Agreed. ...

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Voyager map details Neptune’s strange moon Triton

The Voyager 2 spacecraft flew by Triton

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft gave humanity its first close-up look at Neptune and its moon Triton in the summer of 1989. Like an old film, Voyager’s historic footage of Triton has been “restored” and used to construct the best-ever global color map of that strange moon. The map, produced by ...

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Natural methane seepage on U.S. Atlantic ocean margin widespread

Map of the northern U.S. Atlantic margin showing the locations of newly-discovered methane seeps mapped by researchers from Mississippi State University, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other partners. None of the seeps shown here was known to researchers before 2012.
Credit: Image courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey

Natural methane leakage from the seafloor is far more widespread on the U.S. Atlantic margin than previously thought, according to a study by researchers from Mississippi State University, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other institutions. Methane plumes identified in the water column between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Georges Bank, ...

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Writers Wanted

NUFOC Writers Wanted

Writers Wanted! The National UFO Center website is offering writing opportunities with www.nationalufocenter.com throughout the United States, Canada, England and the world. Contact us at http://nationalufocenter.com/writers-wanted/ and let us know you want to regularly publish your work with us, or tell a friend. We are looking for contributors for the ...

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